Home General News Former Mafia Boss ‘Cadillac Frank’ Francis Salemme Died In Prison At 89

Former Mafia Boss ‘Cadillac Frank’ Francis Salemme Died In Prison At 89


Here we are going to share some information related to the death of Cadilac Frank Salemme passed away at the age of 89. He was spending his life in jail because he was under a criminal complaint for killing the owner named DiSarro of a Boston nightclub in 1993. He was getting too much attention on the internet and there are lots of questions arriving from the users of social media. We are going to share all information related to him and also discuss what will be the cause of his death and what happened to him.

Former Mafia Boss Cadillac Frank Francis Salemme Died

Former Mafia Boss ‘Cadillac Frank’ Francis Salemme Died

According to the Bureau of Prisons, Francis “Cadillac Frank” Salemme is mostly known as a once-powerful New England Mafia boss and he was spending his life in jail where he passed away. The cause of his death is not disclosed yet and there is no information about the cause of his death. From the online records of the Bureau of Prison, he died on Tuesday and they didn’t update any other information about him. The cause of his death may be his old age because he was 89 years old but nothing can be said before the investigation. We will update our article after collecting any news from our sources related to his death and share it in this article.

Who Was Francis Salemme?

He already spend 16 years in jail for trying to kill a lawyer in a car that was blown up in 1968 but the lawyer survived after losing his one leg. He had participated in too many multiple killings during the gang battles in Boston in the 1960s. He was a New England mobster from Boston who rose through the posts from hitman to leader of the Patriarca crime family before becoming a government witness. There is an official Attorney statement from his lawyer that he was a gentleman and honest and open with him. There is some information that is not confirmed about him.

He lost his all remaining hope for a fresh trial when the U.S. Supreme Court rejected and denied hearing his appeal in March. He was transferred to a federal prison in Missouri for the rest of his life. This news is collecting too much attention on social media and lots of people sharing their responses to his death. There are various cases still in need of justice in some countries. For reading more articles, related to the latest news of the entire world then always stay connected with our websites.


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