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Fred Salter Accident Video Footage? Dies At The Age Of 61 Kite Surfer Slams Into Beach Side House


A piece of news that will wrench your heart for sure is coming from Florida where a veteran Kite-surfer died after colliding with a house. Actually, the Kite-Surfer named Fred Salter started to fly in the air despite being stopped by his friends but in the midst of ongoing storms and weather disturbance across the country he decided to take off and some of the strong wind took him with them due to which he slammed with a house form 400 feet above from the surface.

Fred Salter kite surfer

Fred’s friends were warning him not to fly as the weather is not good but despite being warned by his friends he turned a deaf year and was blown with the wind. The entire incident took place on Wednesday 25th of August. Salter collided with a house in 2600 block of North Atlantic Boulevard. However, he was alive for a couple of hours after the initial failure but later on, he succumbed to his injuries after 3 hours of being admitted to the hospital. Well, America is being suffered from these kinds of maleficent for the past week in some of its regions. Hurricanes, Floods, Flash, and thunderstorms are playing the biggest role in the calamitous for America.

The other sad news is more than 21 people were found dead and more than 50 people are still missing from the flash floods in Tennessee. But if we talk about Fred Salter’s case so he is responsible for his own death because he ignored the Broward Country weather forecast which claimed just a day before that the region will suffer from an excessively windy day so stay in your house and try not to step towards the beach.

Well, you must be thinking that who was Fred Salter? So shooting your curiosity, Salter was one of the veteran Kite-Surfer who was 61 years old, who kept posting pics of himself doing Kite-surfing stating that it is the real fun. However, Graham Goodwin the owner of a local Kite-Surfing business said that “sometimes he gets reckless which he should not”. On his death, some of the other veteran Kite-Surfers said that he had an option to be alive because he was one of the experienced surfers so he knew it very well that how to survive in such circumstances. Everyone is giving their opinion on his death because he was not a beginner in this field and he had an option to let his kite go away or get his self free from the harness or he could also push the emergency buttons simply but instead of doing this he slammed with the house. Share your opinion on his death and stay tuned to get more updates.


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