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Fresh Nepal Plane Crash Video Viral on Internet, Shows Right Engine on Fire


A plane crashed on Sunday 15 January 2023 in Pokhara of Nepal and the video of this incident gathered a lot of attention on the internet. There is a video uploaded on the internet that shows the right engine of that Yeti Airlines plane was on fire. This was a terrible accident and there are so many people sharing their responses to the video. We are going to discuss more information related to this video and also talk about some other topics of this incident in this article, so read continuously.

Fresh Nepal Plane Crash Video Viral

There a video on the internet went viral of this incident showing the right engine was on fire of this plane at the time of its crash and crashed into a jungle. That video was just captured before the crash and we can see in that video that the plane was not in control and going to crash on land. In that video, we can see that the plane was on fire with high flames and this was too dangerous video. This video is easily available on various pages of social media and rapidly running on the trends of the internet. This video reached a maximum number of views and gained a large number of likes on social media pages.

Fresh Nepal Plane Crash Video

If we talk about the crash incident, A Yeti Airlines plane fly from Kathmandu with 68 passengers, and four crew members, and they all were deceased in this plane crash which took place near Pokhara International Airport. The complete detail about why this crash was done has not been revealed yet and more than a hundred rescuers are continuing their work and searching for the passengers. On the day of the crash, the pilot had taken permission to land from Air Traffic Control. The civil aviation authority said that the flames were seen clearly just before the crash and the plane was covered by the high-fire flames in the mid-air.

This video gained a total of around 83.3k views and around 500 likes on Twitter and this video also gained too much attention on various other platforms of social media pages. That video showed the crash of the Nepal plane which was on fire and directed at the point of the problems with the right engine of that plane. There are so many videos also flowing on the internet that shows fake video of this incident so search this video carefully. Stay tuned to socialtelecast.com to read more articles on other news topics and the latest news.


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