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Get Bawara Dil Today’s 2nd July 2021 Written Episode: Sidhi Saves Sonal


Bawara Dil is getting more popular day by day with each episode passing. The show is mounted with a high voltage drama and a regular enhancement of the engagement in the show making it one of the most popular ongoing television shows. It even gained before it arrived on the small screen. The makers of the show put the banners of Sidhi Hates Shiva at various places in several cities. No one managed to come up with an exact idea about the banners. Later the show premiered on Colors Tv on 22nd February 2021.

Bawara Dil

Well, this is the first season of the show that is revolving around two leads characters Sidhi and Shiva two stubborn youngsters. They both believe to live life on their own terms. Well, Shiva is a sturdy of his town and the right hand of the political leader of the ruling party Akka Bai. Whereas Sidhi is a wise and ambitious girl and a daughter of a most prestigious teacher Ishwar well known for her honesty in the entire village. Sidhi doesn’t like Shiva at all because of his goon image but no one can go against its faith and destiny ended up by tying them in the knot.

In the most recent episodes of Bawara Dil, we are watching that Shiva and Sidhi started concerning each other. Shiva bends over backwards for Sidhi’s studies and even take her along with him to his examination centre. But they again get separated from each other due to some misunderstandings established by Shiva’s mother Mangala. Sidhi decided to divorce Shiva, but Ishwar’s got a heart attack as he was alleged by a woman for confiscating her land. Later, Shiva resolves the case and Sidhi drops her idea of giving divorce for his father.

Akka Bai is like a godfather to Shiva and he never denies her order no matter what. So, Akka Bai gives the order to Shiva to bring his wife Sidhi on a special veneration organized by her to gain public support. Sidhi denies coming along with him in the veneration. Everyone presents in the veneration starts gossiping about Akka Bai and her rivalry also taunts her. Shiva loses all hopes that Sidhi will come in the veneration, but Sidhi surprised everyone in the nick of the time. Everyone gets cheered and Shiva’s respect also sustains in front of Akka Bai. To get to know all the further updates tune in to Colors Tv at 10:30 PM from Monday to Friday. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more Bawara Dil Written Update.


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