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Get Ishq Par Zor Nahin (IPZN) Full Written Update Of 19th June 2021: Ahaan Sacrifices His Love


In the recent episodes of Ishk Par Zor Nahin, we are watching that Ishqi is going to Singapore. On another hand, Ahaan was going to marry Riya, but he suddenly realised his feelings for Riya and fled from his own wedding. Kartik also runs along with Ahaan. They both reached the airport and fins Ishqi. Ahaan calls out Ishqi and expresses his feelings to her. Ishqi also shares her feelings with Ahaan and asks if he won’t break her trust again. Ahaan promises her that he never hurt her and won’t break her trust ever again.

Get Ishq Par Zor Nahin (IPZN) Full Written Update Of 19th June 2021: Ahaan Sacrifices His Love

Ahaan’s grandmother there is pissed off with Ahaan. She says that she better accept her death but won’t accept Ishqi in this family. Radhika there is telling Riya to handle your pregnancy now. Riya says that there will be some consequences in her pregnancy. Radhika replies they have to do something by which they can claim that this child belongs to Ahaan. Riya says that she will take care of that and will convince him to agree with the child. Meanwhile, Sarla comes and informs them about Ahaan’s grandmother going to commit suicide. Radhika asks Riya to take advantage of the situation and impress Ahaan.

Ishqi there already finds out Dadi and saves. Dadi says that she won’t accept you in my life. She says whether Ahaan will choose his family or Ishqi. On this Ishqi says she will herself take her step back and leave Ahaan but won’t put this Ahaan in such a grim situation, otherwise, he will be collapsed. Ishqi says she will do whatever she wants just for Ahaan’s sake. But Ahaan hears everything and takes Dadi and leaves from there. They both return home along with Radhika, Sarla, and Riya. Ishqi also comes with Ahaan.

Ahaan tells Dadi that he loves Ishqi and can’t love anyone else in his life. Ahaan says if his Dadi isn’t agreed he won’t marry Ishqi. But at the same time he won’t marry any other girl either. He further says that he chose his family over his love, but he not going to follow any kind of order regarding his marriage to any other girl. Ishqi looks at Ahaan while Dadi and the rest other people present in the room get stunned. It would be interesting to see if Dadi will withdraw her decision or Ahaan and Ishqi separate from each other. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more Ishk Par Zor Nahin written updates.


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