Home Entertainment Get Molkki Written Update 17th August 2021 Episode: Daksh Kidnaps Purvi

Get Molkki Written Update 17th August 2021 Episode: Daksh Kidnaps Purvi


The recent episode of Molkki will start where Virender assures his family that he will handle everything even if it’s a matter of his house or Panchayat. At the same time, Veer asks him to go for a meeting because Daksh is waiting for him, so without any ado, he should go to attend that. Then Virender leaves the place meanwhile, Sudha comes to Veer and asks why Virender is looking so worried and dull. He replies that after Purvi’s demise he changed totally, at the time she informs him that she made food under his choice and he refused to eat.

Molkki 17-8-2021

Then Virender recalls all those moments which he spent with Purvi and can not erase them from his memory, because now he has only the memory instead of Purvi. Meanwhile, regrets that why he left her alone, and if he did not leave her so maybe today she would have been with him. Another side, a girl is trying to stop the auto in such a way and Virender gets shocked to see her. At the same time, someone kidnapped her in front of Virender and she is shouting for help, but it was just a prank.

After a while, that girl comes out and she ditto looks like Purvi and beats Daksh for mischief, because she got scared and her heartbeat got fast. But he keeps on looking at her and at the same time, she asks why he is looking at her, he replies that now he is seeing quite beautiful things in the world. She feels weird to hear and spontaneously he gives her flowers too and Daksh informs her that he is getting late for a meeting. Because Virender is waiting for him there and it seems inappropriate enough if he gets late.

Then he drops her at the house, where Daksh’s sister is practising dance by her choreographer, but all servants are seeing her. Meanwhile, she comes and rebukes them by saying that they should do their work because it’s Veer’s birthday. Then Purvi brings juice for her and says that she should have it, and at the same time she tells Purvi that she should marry. But Purvi says that no one is here to propose to her and she asks her about Daksh. So do not miss to watch it on Colors at 10:00 PM and for more details stay tuned with us.


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