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Ghanzi Councillor Death? Long Serving Ghanzi Councillor Passed Away at 51, Missing Elderly Man Found Dead


Once again, a piece of quite disturbing news is getting circulated on social networking sites, which left almost everyone shocked, as no one had even imagined that day their faces will collide with such a worst news. Yes, you heard right, a long-serving Ghanzi councilor “Kajuu” is no longer among his close ones and admirers as his untimed passing took place at the age of 51 on Monday, 12th January 2023. As soon as his close ones and admirers’ uncounted reactions commenced hitting the bricks, thousands of people are paying tribute to him, below you can explore further information.

Ghanzi councillor

As per the exclusive reports or sources, till now, there is no update of Kajuu’s unfortunate departure as currently the reason, is remaining ascertained due to a lack of statements or reactions. Therefore, we are not claiming anything while chasing the false narratives or rumors as thousands of them are being shared rapidly like wildfire. Thus, it would be better to wait ahead as long as we get something because there is nothing accurate that could lead to the truth, and hence we are not adamant about the reports as long as the truth comes out behind the unfortunate news.

Who Was Ghanzi Councillor?

Reportedly, Councillor Kajuu alias Ezekiel Tjiporeka Kajuu of Ghanzi district has perished at the age of 51,  and the news has been confirmed by Botswana Democratic Party (BDP). Kajuu was the councillor for the Grootlaagte ward who breathed last on 12, 2023. BDP secretary general, Kavis Kario said they have learned with shock the untimely passing of Kajuu. During his serving he made uncounted accomplishments on his name while doing work under the favor of mankind and therefore, he had a great fan following among everyone especially those, who knew him personally because nothing is more painful than seeing the departure of a legend.

As soon as the news is getting surfaced on social networking sites uncounted started paying tribute to him while expressing their deep sorrow because he had done multiple favors in favor of mankind. This is the reason, it is hard to accept his passing and thus the entire Twitter has been flooded with immense heartfelt quotes as his admirers are showing their grief to lose him while standing by the family of the deceased so that, they can get the strength to bear the pain of losing an integral part of his family. So we will also pray may his soul rest in peace (RIP Ezekiel Tjiporeka Kajuu).


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