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GHKPM Ghum Hai Kisike Pyar Mein 11th August 2021 Written Update Episode: Virat Gets Shattered


Sai gets angry at Virat in Ghum Hai Kisike Pyar Mein today’s episode. She asks Virat why is he showing off when they clearly know that there is nothing between them and this marriage is just a compromise. Virat asks her if she really thinks that he took her all the way here for nothing. Sai answers that he had taken her to the sunset point and asked about her advice on one of his friends’ complicated relationships. Virat gets stunned and tells her that she is misunderstanding him and missing out on the real reason why he brought her here.

Sai adds that she remembers the yoga instructor saying how much he loves Pakhi. Virat asks her if she forgot they had complimented her as well. Sai angrily says that they complimented her because he had introduced her as his wife and says that they were even hesitant. She continues and tells him that he had already confessed his love to Pakhi so why he is doing all of this drama. Sunny gets shocked and requests Sai to try to understand things as it’s not the way she seems it to be.

Ghum Hai Kisike Pyar 11th August 2021

Sunny tells Sai that Virat had loved Pakhi but when he came to know that Samrat is planning to get married to Pakhi, he backed off. Here, Samrat brings the kids to the orphanage. Meanwhile, junior Virat angrily breaks a pot making Samrat question him. He tells him that it was his birthday today but he forcefully took him here to watch a movie and refused to let him play in the playground. Virat asks the junior kid to rejoin the broken pot but the latter tells him that it’s not possible. Samrat tells him that the relationships are like that only.

On another hand, Sai asks Sunny if Virat doesn’t love Pakhi, why the latter is still waiting for him. Sunny asks that Virat doesn’t have to think about that as he is just trying to build a relationship with her. Sai tells him that he cannot fool her as his love for Pakhi is still visible in his eyes. Mohit begs Sai to understand Virat’s feelings. Virat gets shattered and ruins all the decoration along with the cake. Monit and Sunny apologize to Virat as it was their plan and leave while Sai thinks why did Virat plan anniversary surprise for her when there is nothing between them.


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