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GHKPM Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 23rd Sep 2021 Ep Written Update: Sai Plans To Leave Chavan’s House


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein written episode update of 23rd September 2021 starts with Pakhi serving her new dish to everyone. Bhavani asks the name of the dish to which she says it’s Pizza Parantha. Bhavani gets impressed with her. Pakhi smiles and says that she learnt the recipe from her mother. Devi comes. Pakhi asks her to join everyone. Devi asks about Sai and says that she won’t have breakfast without her. Pakhi asks if she is planning to stay hungry until Sai comes. Devi agrees to eat. Samrat asks Pakhi if she called Sai.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein

Pakhi tells Samrat that she did and looks like she doesn’t want to have breakfast prepared by her. Virat asks everyone to forget about Sai and just focus on breakfast. Ashwini speaks and says that Sai looked a bit tensed. Samrat asks her if she is tensed because of her studies or because she was locked in a room by Virat. Sonali says that Sai escaped through the window. Omkar asks her not to begin with this again. Sonali says that she is speaking the truth only. Bhavani says that Sai stopped Virat from doing his duty. Samrat asks her if she doesn’t like him sitting with them.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein

Bhavani says that she is happy that her children are together. Samrat says that it all happened because of Sai and she did it all for the sake of the family. Omkar doesn’t agree with Samrat and says that Sai had no right to speak to DIG about Virat’s transfer. Samrat questions why everyone always blames Sai for everything. Virat gets angry and asks everyone to stop discussing his transfer. Ashwini changes the topic and states that she will take breakfast for Sai. Virat asks her not to do that.

Meanwhile, Sai comes down to go to college. Ashwini asks her to taste the delicious breakfast made by Pakhi. Sai tells the family that from tomorrow no food wastage will take place. Virat asks her if she is going somewhere tomorrow. Ashwini reminds him that Ganpati Bappa will arrive at their home and all the problems and differences will get clear. Here, Ashwini feeds Sai and Devi. Karishma gets jealous. Ashwini tells her that Sai is not well so that’s why she is feeding her while Devi is just like a kid. Meanwhile, Sai thinks about leaving the house tomorrow without informing anyone. To know the further story of Ghum Hai Kisike Pyaar Mein, follow our site.


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