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Ghost Dog Collar Video | Ghost Takes Off Dogs Collar Caught On Camera Footage Clip


Uncounted, weird incidents are taking place on social media and getting viral massively like wildfire, Something similar is recently appeared where a woman shot a video of a strange incident after she incurred the disturbing moment a “Ghost” allegedly took off her pet dog’s collar. Ever since the users got acquainted with the storage activity their curiosity has gone at its peak to get the comprehensive details about it along with a proper video. As soon as she posted it, uncounted reactions started appearing, To know more check the details below along with some unknown facts.

Ghost Dog Collar Video

As per the sources or reports, Several users who know her personally are claiming that her house is surrounded by paranormal activities, and they have also experienced those horrifying activities. One Tiktok user called Shanny Fantg has been shared such videos of evidence that her house has been visited by a Paranormal guest. The incident had been recorded by the surveillance camera of her house, where two dogs could be seen barking loudly from inside of their crates. Which seemed quite inappropriate and their owner came on the spot where she got shocked to see their reaction, because no one was there but they were reacting like they can see someone.

It is being reported, She shared a statement that “when she saw the reaction of her dogs she got scared because they were kept on barking because no one was appearing in front of them, and it became worst when her dogs were dragging by a spirit which made her scared enough”. The entire incident has been recorded on the camera otherwise no one believes in her, whoever watched the video got goosebumps because nothing was appearing but activities are taking place in such a strange way, which made everyone scared enough along with the owner of the dogs.

Along with the video, the victim wrote that “Watch her black dog, Spirit takes her collar off in her cage, ever since she posted the video several people started following her which became the cause of her popularity. More than 15.2k followers have bee increased in just a few hours after sharing the video. Because massive reactions are taking the place in which many are considering Video is genuine and some are considering it computer-generated. But her statement has cleared everything that she has become the witness of paranormal activity in her house.


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