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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9th May 2023 Written Update


The latest written update we are giving you today of Ghum Hai Kisi k Pyaar Main 9 May 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Satya and his family wait for Sai at the Temple. Sai reaches the temple with hobbling. Amba asks Sai what happens to her and Sai replies it is just mild pain of Sprain. Amba asks Satya to lift Sai and climb the temple stairs as per the temple’s rituals as it will create a strong bond between them. Gowri taunts if he can climb so many steps carrying Sai in his arms. Satya Requests Amba to let it go and he also did not go to the Gym for years.

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Sai says she can manage but when Sai steps forward limping then Satya lifts Sai suddenly into his arms. Savi says yes he is a strong man and Amba laughs and says to Satya that is why he was acting like he can’t lift  Sai but suddenly lift Sai easily. Satya says to Sai don’t think in the wrong way and that they always are friends only Sai also thanks him and apologizes for Virat’s behavior.

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Update

Amba and Alka talk about Sai and Satya’s relationships. Alka says she can see Sai and Satya’s love fall for each other. Satya climbs the stairs and asks Sai not to think him wrong as they will be always friends. Sai thanks him and apologizes to him for Virat’s misbehavior. Alka tells Amba that she can see Sai and Satya’s love for each other, but Amba is unnecessarily worried.

Amba says if Sai juggles into two houses she may not fall in love with Satya never. Alka says to Amba to think positively and for the best. Savi takes a selfie of Satya and Sai and sends it to Chavan’s family. Harini shows Savis a selfie and Ashwini say she was staying with them and now lives in another house. Ashwini replies to Bhawani when she criticizes Ashwini that she could not understand anyone’s pain she only thinks about profit and loss. Bhawani receives the president’s call who is saying that she is always talking about women’s empowerment but her own family is running and eloping from her house. First Sai then Karishma and now Pakhi.

President says there is news about Pakhi missing in the newspaper and warns her that a good politician never gets caught and if this continues, her political career will end soon. Virat tries to cheer up with disguise as a clown and also gave a sorry note to Vinu. Virat says we will celebrate tomorrow Vinu’s birthday as like every year. Satya and his family perform a pooja. Bhavani went to Satya’s house and calls Sai Adhikari. Sai asks her what is she doing here. Bhawani asks if she advertised this missing news about Pakhi and Sai says yes she did because of her son’s happiness not for others. Bhawani says to Sai she created this problem and now is trying to pretend to find a solution. Sai says a thief thinks everyone is a thief, Bhavani conspired against others her whole life and thinks everyone is the same as her. Bhwani reminds her to not understand as her older sister to Amba and walks away.


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