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Ghum Hai Kisi ke Pyar Mein: Pakhi Feels Shattered Written Update GHKPM 9th August 2021 Episode


Star Plus popular serial Ghum Hai Kisike Pyaar Mein has been maintaining its place in the top 5 serials in terms of the TRP. With inserting storyline and great star cast, the serial is entertaining a mass number of people. Let’s check what is going to take place in today’s written episode of the show. It begins with Pakhi who overhears Shivani and Mohit’s conversation. Shivani asks Mohit why did he stop Ashiwini from calling Sai. Mohit replies that Ashwini might have revealed the truth and tells her that Virat has not taken Sai on a departmental trip but it’s a surprise vacation.

Ghum Hai Kisike Pyar Mein 9th august 2021

Mohit adds that Virat has planned a surprise for Sai and took her to celebrate their anniversary. Pakhi gets angry hearing the conversation and thinks that Virat lied to her again and took Sai on a trip instead. The next morning, Sai and Virat are out shopping where Sai tells Virat that she wants to purchase this Shawl for Ashwini and adds that she wants to buy things for the entire family. Later, Sai asks Virat about other officers and their wives. Virat gets tensed and lies to her saying they went trekking.

Sai asks why they didn’t join them on trekking to which Virat tells her that her health is not that good and the trekking might have affected it. Sai says that it’s weird that they haven’t met any of his colleagues yet. Later, they get busy shopping. Virat suggests Sai buy things for her college friends as well. Sai sadly says that she doubts that Ajinkya will even talk to her now. Virat assures her that he will apologize to him. The sunsets and Virat recalls Sunny’s advice on taking Sai to the sunset point and confesses his feelings to her.

However, Virat uses a friend’s reference to express his feelings. Sai tells him that his friend might be just pretending to like him which hurts Virat. He thinks that Sunny’s plan failed miserably. Bhavani worries about Pakhi as she didn’t have her breakfast. Ninad tells her that she must have fallen sick. Shivani taunts saying Pakhi gets ill anytime she wants. Bhavani suggests checking up on Pakhi. Bhavani, Mansi and Sonali go to Pakhi’s room. Pakhi sadly narrates her story on how she is not feeling any kind of emotion and feels dead inside a living body. Bhavani gets sad hearing that and tries to calm her down.


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