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Ghum Hai Kisike Pyaar Mein GHKPM Today’s Written Episode 28th Sep 2021: Virat Shouts At Devi


In today’s episode of Ghum Hai Kisike Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) of 28th September 2021, Ashwini asks Sai why she looks sad while feeding her dinner. Sai gets emotional and feeds Ashwini as well. The latter tells Sai that Samrat was asking her if Sai is worried about her studies. Ashwini adds that she thinks that Sai is upset because of her fight with Virat. Sai looks at Ashwini sadly and nods. She says that it looks like Virat has gotten tired of her and that’s why he picks a fight with her. She wipes her tears and says that everything will get fine tomorrow.

Ghum Hai Kisike Pyaar Mein

Ashwini smiles and says that yes tomorrow is Ganpati Bappa’s Puja and he will correct everything. Sai thinks that Ashwini will get affected the most after she leaves the house. Ashwini sees Sai getting sad again and hugs her. Here, Virat asks Devi if she thinks that Sai is always right, why she came here then. Devi gets offended and asks Virat how could he talk to her so impolitely. Pulkit sees Devi losing her temper and being her husband, he tries to control her. Devi asks Virat to support Sai in every up and down and reminds him how because of her she and Pulkit got married.

Devi asks Virat to stop Sai but the latter refuses to hear her. Devi threatens him that she will stop talking to him if he continues to badmouth Sai. Pakhi comes and asks why is she so desperate to support Sai instead of her own brother. Sai also comes there and asks Pakhi not to interfere between Devi and her brothers. She tells Virat that he has started to hear Pakhi more. Virat tells her that it’s not like this. Devi asks Virat to help Sai then. Pakhi instigates Virat that it was Sai’s conspiracy to send Devi to pressurize him.

Pakhi’s statement makes Devi angry. She asks her not to speak so bad about Sai. Virat gets offended and asks Devi not to talk with Pakhi in such a manner. Devi gets stunned and tells Virat that Sai is his wife and she will not tolerate anyone talks ill about her. Virat loses his temper and shouts at Devi for not even knowing what Sai does but always supporting her. Pakhi smirks seeing Virat going against Sai and thinks that it’s just the beginning. Follow our site for Ghum Hai Kisike Pyaar Mein’s more updates.


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