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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin GHKPM Written Update 4th August 2021 Episode: Virat Plans A Vacation For Sai


The episode of Ghum Hai Kisike Pyaar Mein starts with Virat and sai performing Pooja for Aaba’s death anniversary. Pandit Ji asks the couple for Kamal Sir. Sai folds her hands and says that she has been missing Aaba for one year now and is thankful that he handed her responsibility to a person like Virat. She recalls the day when she had seen Virat for the first time and had thought that he was very stubborn but she found out that he is a nice person in reality and even is fulfilling his duties well.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Virat also prays for Aaba. He says that he doesn’t know when did he fall in love with Sai. Though Virat feels ashamed for causing troubles in Sai’s life and for being the reason, she reached the hospital bed. Virat forgets that Sai is sitting next to him and speaks loudly that he currently made a mistake and couldn’t fulfil his responsibility towards Sai. Sai listens to Virat’s prayers. Pandit Ji tells them that they both are fulfilling their responsibilities well and Kamal Sir would be proud of them and their soul would be at peace either.

Later, Pandit Ji declares that the Pooja has gotten completed. Sai thinks that Pandit Ji is saying right as Virat is just fulfilling his duties while Virat thinks when Sai will understand that it’s not just the duties but also the relationship between them. Virat asks Sai to wait as he is going to get the car. There, he meets Sunny. The latter asks him about Sai’s health condition. Virat says that she is fine. Sunny feels relieved and says that it’s good to hear that Sai got well soon. Then, Sunny asks Virat if he remembers that his wedding anniversary is in some days. Virat nods.

Sunny suggests Virat taking Sai to a hill station as it will help her get better soon. Virat says that he will think about it. After a while, Virat and Sai reach home. Virat brings Sai’s favourite snacks and struggles with how to tell Sai about the vacation plan. sai gets excited seeing delicious snacks and thanks Virat. She says that Virat always gifts her but she never gives him any gift. Virat grabs the opportunity and tells Sai that the department has been organizing a hill station trip for husbands and their wives and asks her to join. Sai accepts the offer and asks Virat to tell Pakhi as well.


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