Home General News Gibson Gathu Is Dead: Legendary Vioja Mahakamani Actor Prosecutor Dies

Gibson Gathu Is Dead: Legendary Vioja Mahakamani Actor Prosecutor Dies


Gibson Gathu was an actor and he was mostly known for his character as a prosecutor in Vioja Mahakami. He passed away on Thursday, 22 December 2022, and the news of his death is announced by his son who his son states that he took his last breath at the same health facility. His son said that he was a popular actor who developed complications in September, sometime later after his Kidney transplantation. His death news is circulating on the trends of social media and there are various questions are raised after his death. Here in this article, we are going to share some information related to his death so read and continue.

Gibson Gathu Is Dead Legendary Vioja Mahakamani Actor Prosecutor Dies

Vioja Mahakamani Actor Prosecutor Gibson Gathu Dead

As per the exclusive sources and reports, After he developed complications the actor had been rushed to Medieval Hospital in Eldoret but later some weeks he fall into a coma. He disclose to standard Entertainment that he had been fighting diabetes and other kidney complications and was getting treatment to undergo surgery after that month. Kidney transplantation became primary and necessary for a kidney failure diagnosis in 2020. He was fighting diabetes for a long period of 20 years. The cause of his death is not revealed yet and no more pieces of news are coming forward which is confirmed by his son and anyone who is his loved ones.

What Happened To Gibson Gathu?

His kidney transplant happened and was done at Mediheal Hospital in Eldoret then after some times surgery his health had too much improved. The kidney donor was his loving daughter named thespian who is going well and back again on her work. He states that has been in the hospital since 18 July 2022 and he gets discharged on 3 August 2022 by feeling so well. He also states too many on his social media pages in which he expresses his health condition and says that god is so good. He expresses his gratitude to every Kenyan and also those who contributed to his treatment in any way.

He played the best role of court prosecutor and he was one of the most popular actors on Kenyan television. His nonsense behavior helped him to make favorites among his fans and now there are too many people are including in his fan list. He expresses praise for his friend named Hiram Mungai who is most popular as Ondiek Nyuka Kwota and there are also some friends with him in the hospital. There are various people expressing sadness for his death on the internet through the medium of social media and lots of people are mourning for him.


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