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Grahan Review: Disney Plus Hotstar Web Series On 1984 Anti-Sikh Riots OTT Views & Ratings


The most awaited series called Grahan has released on quite a meritorious OTT platform Disney +Hotstar, and public reaction is started to coming ahead. Which everyone was waiting for because a review is the most integral part because through it the viewers can get a glance at the series. Many popular faces are the part of it, who have done their best and made the viewers surprised due to their astonishing performance. So get to know more, that what-all is going to happen new and amazing check the details below.

Grahan Review: Disney Plus Hotstar Web Series On 1984 Anti-Sikh Riots OTT Views & Ratings

So the series is bringing many enthusiastic scenes among the viewers and you are going to witness the eight-episode drama, Grahan is about one such deep wound. The story is inspired by the Vyas Fictional novel Chaurasi’s series made by Shailendra Kumar Jha, So two stories come ahead of Fact-meets-fiction story. First related to Ranchi and Bokaro 1984, after the demise of Prime Minister, sparked the riot in the steel plant town and the chief instigator was the manager of a steel plant.

The Horrific and shadows of the genocide and violence against the community of Sikh that followed this hate-filled violence and riot in 2016 are still, being felt. In the recent day, an honest and dedicated officer called Amrita Singh got the responsibility to check the entire case of a riot which took the place in 1984 on Bokaro because elections are about to be held on and present home minister wants to trap Chunnu Singh by hook or by crook so that he can not be the part of elections.

The thirty years old Singh stays with her father (Pavan Raj Malhotra) as they start investigating the case of 1984’s riot, Singh gets to know the name of the main culprit who created the havoc at the time of riot, whose name is Rishi Ranjan (Anshuman Pushkar) and his life is deeply connected with the case as she is thinking. The story gets overturned in 1984-2016 and many controversies coming out regarding the two Rishi and Manu’s love stories.

The series has been directed by the well-prominent face called Ranjan Chandel and Amrita Singh works as conjunction who connects the case of 1984- 2016. So that, the reality behind the case can come ahead to everyone. The Production Design, Casting, Color Tone, Timeline neatly distinguish. Actor Joshi, Hussain, Malhotra, Pushkar, and Abhinav Patariya have done their best to make their fans surprised due to their astonishing performance.


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