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Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mai 28th July 2021 Written Episode: Pulkit Accuses Chavan Family


The upcoming episode of Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mai will Begin where Sayi gets her senses back and breaks down in tears in front of Pulkit, he consoles her and says that he will not let them go do not worry. Meanwhile, mentions that Virat does not have any right to control her life at all, but says that Ashwini loves her a lot without any condition. At the same time, he says that he should inform the Chavan family about her condition. But Pulkit asks her to meet Virat once because he eagerly wants to meet her to improve his mistake.

Then Sayi makes him understand that she does not want to see his face again after making an uncharacteristic claim. Another side, Virat asks Ashwini that Pulkit is taking too much time inside and he is worried about her. He is accusing himself, by saying that he is responsible for Sayi’s worse condition, meanwhile, Ashwini says today he proved that he is as same as Ninaad. But Pakhi comes to console Virat by saying that he did not do anything wrong because if someone sees their wife with a strange man so their reaction will be the same.

Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mai Written Episode

After that, Pakhi urges Virat to have something because it’s been a long time having eaten anything, but he criticizes her and asks her to leave him alone for a while. Another side, Sayi is unleashing everything ahead of Pulkit and says that they misbehaved with her and raised questioned about her character. But Pulkit makes her understand that it’s time to show them her ability and informs her, that after discharging he will bring her to his residence. At the same time, Sonali asks Bhavani to go from the hospital, then Pulkit comes outside and Virat asks him about Sayi’s condition.

Later, Pulkit says that he will urge to hospital staff to never allow each of you to meet Sayi because it will affect her health badly. Meanwhile, he asks them to leave the place, because there is no need to stay here, but Bhavani does not like the way of his talking. Extempore Ashwini comes to Pulkit and asks Pulkit about Sayi’s condition and unleashes everything. At the same time, Virat tries to go to meet Sayi but Pulkit stops him by saying that he does not have any right to meet her. So do not miss to stream it on Starplus at 08:30 PM and for further information stay connected with us.


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