Home Sports GWN vs SEGN Live Score Korean Football League 1 Match Prediction Details

GWN vs SEGN Live Score Korean Football League 1 Match Prediction Details


Korean Football League 2020, Gwanju FC to square off against Seongnam FC. Both teams are battling up against each other in South Korea. The 38th edition of the tournament is going pretty well so far. A total of 12 teams are a part of the Korean Football League 2020. The first season of the Korean Football League was established in 1983 and since back then it’s in the run.

During this entire season, there will be a total of 22 matches between all the teams facing off against each other. The thing that’s unusual and is distinguishing this 38th season of the Korean Football League 2020 from all here is, there will be 5 final matches per team.


  • League- Korean Football League 2020
  • Playoff- GWN vs SEGN
  • Date- Saturday, 9th May 2020
  • Time- 6:30 PM according to the Indian Standard Time
  • Venue- South Korea

Since it’s the first playoff for both the teams, GWN as well as SEGN both the teams will be fighting hard against each other to acquire their first victory in the tournament via winning this opening match.

Gwangju FC: Yeo Reum, Um Won-sang, Marco Ureña, Kim Tae-yoon, Lim Min-hyuk, Yoon Pyung-Guk, Lee Euddeum, Hyun-Seok Doo, Kim Jung-hwan, Jeong Jun-yeon, Willyan da Silva Barbosa, Kim Chang-soo, Hong Joon-ho, Yeo Bong-hu, Lee Jin-hyung.

Seongnam FC: Kim Young-kwang, Yang Dong-hyen, Tomislav Kiš, Yu In-soo, Park Tae-jun, Seo Bo-min, Kim Dong-hyun, Lee Chang-yong, Yeon Je-woon,Kim Hyun-sung, Kim Keun-bae, Byeong-Chan Choe, Lee Tae-hee, Joo Hyeon-woo, Kwon Soon-hyung.

In the last season of the Korean Football League, GWN has ended up being on the 11th place with 6 victories, 17 failures, and 15 draws. They only had 33 points to their account by the end of the last playoff in the tournament. While on the other hand, Seongnam FC has taken the ninth place with 45 points to their account, the team has won 12 matches, lost 17, and 9 drawn. As per their previous year stats, there are 65% of chances for the Seongnam FC to win the match but as it’s the opening match for both the teams, it won’t be one-sided for sure!


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