Home Entertainment Hamari Wali Good News 13th July 2021 Episode: Mukund Accepts Meera’s Offer

Hamari Wali Good News 13th July 2021 Episode: Mukund Accepts Meera’s Offer


The episode begins with, Mukund dancing with Meera happily saying everyone liked his presentation and appreciated it, Navya looks at them and leaves. Meera says that she has seen how has he given the presentation and she believes in him that he will do all his jobs and will run the entire responsibilities and that too carefully and maturely. she then says that Ritvik thinks that your experience will help him as you have some more knowledge so you can manage that. Mukund denies that he can’t do that so she should deny him. He also says her to tell Ritvik not to hope anything.

Hamari Wali Good News 13th july 2021

She nods and says that she has to and work now, and he has to sit at home, let people talk shit about you. He replies that they are living for a while and he understands her and she too as well, so she should not do this to him. He further says that he used to sit at home all the time when Navya used to work, therefore, she is free to work he won’t interrupt her. She says it’s perfectly fine but Ritvik and she wants him to work with them as they need his help. She further adds that he can leave when he does not feel up to work with them. He accepts the deal, she gets happy and asks him if he is kidding, he replies that he will help them but quiet when he does not find it interesting, she gets happy and says Okay deal.

The next morning, Meera gets Mukund ready, he replies that he does not like these tight clothes, she makes him sit back as he is not ready yet. Navya there serves breakfast to Ritvik. Meera comes there along with Mukund. She shows him to them saying it’s Mukund’s new look which she gave. They 4 smile, Ritvik adores him saying, he is looking like a business executive. Meera looks at Navya to say something, while Devika comes there and looks at them.

Navya also adores him saying he is looking good. Meera says Mukund to smile as everyone is happy to see you, he smiles. Navya asks him to have breakfast. Ritvik says Mukun has proved that if he finals something then he takes breathe after getting the work done. Navya nods saying that he can do everything that he determines therefore she is having a blind trust in him. The episode ends with some unexpected drama and for that just tune in to Zee TV at right time, and get back here to read more episode updates.


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