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Hamari Wali Good News HWGN Today’s 4th August 2021 Written Updates: Teej Celebration Begins


The recent episode of Hamari Wali Good News will begin where Meera sees Renuka and spontaneously Mukund asks what happened, but at the same time, Meera asks him to take some rest. She makes an excuse and goes from there meanwhile, sees some bloodstains on the and brings the first-aid box. Then says that she will only help Ganga but he asks her that she should not go alone, and says that he is coming with her. Later she reaches to Renuka and apologizes to her but Renuka replies that she is hurting her injuries more.

Hamari Wali Good News

After a while, Servant arrives at Meera and says that Devika has sent something for her so take it, she mentions that Devika loves to give surprises to anyone. Then she reads her latter in which Devika wrote that ” she is sending omens for Teej festival and says that it’s her responsibility to do worship properly” another side, Navya says that she forgot Teej Akki mentions I don’t know anything. Then Akki says that I would like to wear a traditional Saree commemorating the Teej festival. At the same time, Navya asks Ritvik at the correct time of worship, and he agrees with her.

Another side, Meera gets her saree and likes it a lot, and says that she will definitely wear it for the worship, meantime Renuka informs her to persuade Teej in the finest way. By mistake when she opens the vermillion box it falls on the plate and she says that now it’s yours. After hearing this, Meera gets upset and at the same time, Renuka says that she only wants Mukund and her family’s happiness or nothing else. Pooja and others are decorating the house and preparing themselves for the function because everyone wants to look perfect and better than others.

Later, Meera sees Renuka crying and asks her to not think more about anything and writes Mukud’s name on her hand. Then Renuka says that why she is sacrificing her love for the sake of someone, Meera replies that it’s her destiny and Meera’s destiny never changes. But Renuka consoles her by saying that no one can change god’s decision no matter what happens. Then she brings her to the function Venu and she sees Navya and Akki and praises them too and them to carry a veil because its a part of athics. So do not miss to watch it and for more details connect with us.


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