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Happy Birthday, Games of Karma Ullu New Web Series Full Episode Actress Name Star Cast


Hello, all the entertainment lovers, get ready for Ullu’s another fascinating episode. Well, another much-hyped web shows the Games of Karma is returning with its another episode. The title of the episode is Happy Birthday narrating the story of a psychopath man who is obsessed with women, but the story is not that easy as he trapped women and make them his prey. The episode is going to stream on Ullu from 28th September 2021. Besides, the all-new show gained immense fame among the audience with its quirky and engrossing plot. Get further information on Games Of Karma Happy Birthday.

games of karma

Well, the trailer of the show was released on 22nd September and since it is gathering the attention of the audience. It is featuring Gyan Prakash in the leading roles. He is essaying the role of a widower who is running a resort, but under the pretext of it, he is deceiving the couples through his tricks. Along with Gyan Prakash, it is also featuring Nisha and Sanjana appearing in the centric roles and going to woo the audience with their alluring performance.

Games of Karma Ullu Web Series

The plot of the movie revolves around a resort owner who is a widower, he tricks the couple by telling them his wife stories and celebrating her birthday through which the people show sympathy toward him. He also tells them he is quite well at cooking as well and requests them to enjoy his special dish. Later, he comes up with his real face and tempered the food with drugs. As and when the couple goes to sleep and lost their senses he goes into their room and fulfill his lusty desires with the girls. He always fools the new couples by celebrating his wife’s birthday.

Things get changed when a gorgeous girl comes to his resort and he also makes her prey to her lust. Later, he comes to know that his son returns to him and says that he returned along with his daughter in law, but he is shocked seeing her as she was one of the girls he slept with, but the girl doesn’t have any idea as she wasn’t in her senses. Now, it would be interesting when his son comes to learn that his father slept with his would-be wife. Watch the complete episode on Ullu on the given date and get entertained. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates on Games Of Karma Happy Birthday.


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