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Happy Raja Odisha Festival 2021: Beginning Of Mithun Sankarnti, Raja Parba Wishes Images & Quotes


The most awaited auspicious date has arrived among the people because a Raja Festival has begun from today, which is celebrated in the celebration of womanhood. The Festival matters a lot for all the citizens especially for all female because women are given the status of the goddess in our society. So a very holy festival has started which will last for three days and will be co. memorated with the great pimp. So to know what is its recognition and why it persuade check the details below.

Happy Raja Odisha Festival 2021: Beginning Of Mithun Sankarnti, Raja Parba Wishes Images & Quotes

The citizens of Odisha has celebrated “Pitha on Wheels” before Raja Festival which is quite popular in the state and celebrates starting on monsoon. During the situation of the pandemic, only festivals are the one which liberates joy to the people and makes us together which shows the unity. So what-all activities are done by the people in this festival all of up with the full enthusiasm because in India all festival commemorated by the people equally well.

Twitter is flooded due to the wishes of the festival many people have been sent the well-wishes as well. The festival is a too integral part of the life of Odisha’s citizens because it brings happiness, joy, and positive energy with it. As everyone knows that this time, almost the entire people wants something precious which can give them energy. So the festival has arrived and persuaded in a huge way, which would definitely make you astonished.

Happy Raja 2021 Wishes & Quotes:

Suraj Ki Rashi Badlegi, Bahuto Ki Kismat Badlegi, Yah Saal Ka Pahla Parv Hoga, Jab Ham Sab Milakar Khushiya Manayege, Rajo Ki Shubh Kamanaye

Tyohaar Nahi Hota Apna Ya Paraya, Tyohaar Hai Vahi Jise Sabne Manaya, To mila Ke Good Me Til, Patang Sang Ud Jaane Do Dil. Rajo Ki Shubh Kamanaye.

Mithe Gud Me Mil Gaya Til, Udi Patang Or Khil Gaya Dil, Har Pal Sukh Or Har Din Shanti, Aap Sabke Liye Laaye Happy Rajo

As everyone knows that India is a country of “festivals” where all festival celebrated by all communities, without any partiality which indicates the unity of us. Because we follow “Vasudevay Kutumbkum” under which, all festival matters a lot for us. So many people decorate their house and clean their house and nearest space, so that, the divine atmosphere can take the place, and all negativity can be finished because festivals bring a divine power with them.

On Social Media, many posts have been shared by people who want to send well-wishes to their close ones. When it comes to the festival so it’s too close to the heart of many people because it indicates women empowerment. Therefore the flood has come on Twitter, Instagram and many platforms, so you can get the precious thoughts regarding it along with the images which you can share with your relatives and wish them. So we wish everyone a very happy festival so celebrate it sagaciously and follow the precautions as well.


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