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Harry Jowsey and Nikita Dragun’s Hook Up Rumours Fake Or Real?


Hello, all the people, as we all got to knew about the spicy news of Harry Jowsey and Nikita Dragun’s Hook Up. Well, now, it seems that all of that was a grapevine. All that rumours were fake and even get explained now. The things untangles when Harry was asked about the recent and widespread rumours that are claiming that he had been hooked up with Nikita. However, the reality is still vague. The questions have been asked during the BFF podcast. Harry Jowsey wasn’t the only celebrity whose messages get exposed in Nikita’s latest music video. Along with Harry Jowsey, Tyga was also among those names exposed in the music video.

Harry Jowsey

While coming back to Tyga he screenshot of his private part was seen in Nikita’s music video. Just after that, the viewers of the song start pondering and discussing that in what circumstances Nikita got such screenshots. Tyga recently clear all the rumours through a tweet. After, Tyga, the audience has turned up to Harry Jowsey and want to learn more about harry and Nikita’s encounter. Through the conversation between  Harry and Dave Portnoy, Harry reveals the rumours regarding hook up with Nikita In one of his statements, Harry says that he finds her attractive.

Harry opens up and says that he is often attracted by people aura without getting who they really are. He further says that along with Nikita, he founds her really “powerful, offline, and very driven.” He again says that she is quite attractive and she is successful as well. Dave later asked him to explain his answer, on this Harry replies that it is quite usual for him, it is just like hooking up with other girls. However, Harry didn’t make it clear that he is connected with Nikita or not. He said that he wouldn’t reveal anything without discussing it with the YouTuber.

Well, he neither accepts his relation with Nikita neither denies it and left all the fans in a dilemma. He clearly denies a straight answer, he says that he hasn’t any problem featuring in Nikita’s video. Along with that he also said he also didn’t much thrill with the song too. It was a quite confusing conversation and Harry’s replies are way too complicated. Well, we get back to you with all the unavailable information soon, till then stay tuned with Social Telecast for more entertainment updates.


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