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Hason Correa Video Viral: Madeline Brame Son Stabbed To Death | Details On The Case


Here we are going to share some shocking news with you. This news is viral on the internet vastly. A 35 years old army sergeant was stabbed to death in 2018. This is extremely bad news for everyone. All of you are thinking that who stabbed an army man? What was the reason behind this murder? What happened with the army men? We can clear your doubt. We have to share all the information with you about this incident. Scroll up to read more information in detail.

According to the reports, the police investigation was going on. But no evidence is found in 2018. So the case was closed. After that, Madeline Brame fights for her son. They check the CCTV when the incident happened. And Madeline Brame found evidence. They show the evidence to the police. the case was reopened. The video of the crime incident is viral on the internet vastly. After watching this video people screamed the incident has happened with a US Army person.

Madeline Brame’s Son Stabbed To Death

Madeline Brame's Son Stabbed To Death

On Monday, 17th April 2018 Her mother reopens his case. She said her son is very loyal to his duty. And someone killed him. His mother fights for her justice. This is a very critical situation for her mother. Madeline Brame, that she wants justice for her son because her son has done no mistake. She demands from the District Attorney police, that they catch the criminal as soon as possible. All the individuals want justice for the army person Hason Correa.

Police said, Hason Correa, was just 35 years old. An Afghanistan war veteran, he was fatally beaten and stabbed in a scuffle in Harlem in 2018. The victim’s mother gave fierily testimony tore and at times tore into Democrats Monday morning during a Judiciary hearing focused on crime in a Manhattan courtroom. Madeline Brame said she saw her son in the black and white CCTV footage. He was walking and men come in front of him and stabbed Hason Correa.

According to the information, Four people were arrested, and District Attorney Police charged them with murder and gang assault concerning Hason Correa’s death. The name of the criminal was identified, they are their siblings: Christopher, James and Mary Saunders, and Travis Stewart. This is a very bad incident faced by her mother. She lost her son when her son is just in his 35. After hearing this news all the people have goosebumps. But their mother was successful in this case and he gave justice to her dead son. Here we can share all the information with you about this accident. Follow for more information.


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