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Hayley Leake Winner of Australian Survivor: Brains vs Brawn 2021 Won Finale Prize Money $500k Wiki Bio Age


The winner of Australian Survivor: Brains vs Brawns Hailey Leake took over the show and won around $ 500,000 prize money, and now she has shared her plans to use the prize money. She is shown as a very capable contestant as her approach was quite different from the rest of the players and this is the reason why she made it on her name as the winner. During the show, she has faced all the difficult challenges which were commendable enough, and therefore when she won the show her fans appreciated her because from the very beginning she was living up to the expectations of her admirers.

Hayley Leake

As per the exclusive reports, when the finale was broadcast on Sunday night the finalists had to face many very difficult stunts, these stunts were tough that no one could even guess. As per the stunt, all three contestants faced an exhausting challenge, where narrow pegs on the floor and spikes on the ceiling and they had to be maintained in the room. When the pain intensified and contestant George became distraught with the pain he made sure to get out in four and half hours while another contestant Tearful Flick took 5 hours to come out.


As per the reports, Hayley Leake won the title of four-time immunity idol winner and said that winning the show was not at all easy for her as her competitors were giving her a tough fight.  In their last stunt everyone’s enthusiasm was at its peak as everyone was trying their best to win it at any cost no matter what happens. From the very beginning of the show, Hayley Leake played her stunt in too sagacious a way that no one could stop her from winning it. Through her abilities, she was ruling on the hearts of many people who were die-hard fans of her.

She further, mentions that the rest of the two contestants who had reached the finale along with her gave their 100% but due to the time difference they were left behind. She has shared many things where she has also revealed that she was surprised when the makers approached her. After that, when she reached to the makers her first question was that why they approached her while, she is not a big personality. But makers replies to her that due to her fearless nature they decided to approach her, and as everyone can see that their decision was proven right as she became the winner of the show.



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