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Hayley Thompson Cause of Death? How Did She Die? Check What Happened To Her?


Recent news has been reported from Manchester, where a mother collapsed and died while she was on a holiday on her birthday. The news about her sudden demise shocked and shattered her family. The deceased mother has been identified as Hayley Thompson from Burnage in Manchester. Reports have stated that Hayley Thompson was on a vacation on her birthday in Devon when she collapsed and passed away suddenly.

Hayley Thompson died on 36th birthday

Hayley was there to celebrate her 36th birthday. Hayley was the mother of one child. Reports have claimed that Hayley was suffering from a prolonged illness, which she didn’t disclose to her family. Hayley’s unfortunate and sudden demise has shattered and flabbergasted everyone. No one could ever imagine that Hayley could pass away in such a sudden way.

She went to Devon for a break and to celebrate her birthday, and no one could ever imagine that Hayley would pass away just during her birthday Vacation. Reports have stated she developed this illness in the year 2016, but she never told much about her health issues. Her family knew about her illness but she never disclosed much about her illness. She was a very great person, who prioritized her family, child, and friends. According to the reports, Hayley was suffering from liver disease and doctors had suggested her a liver transplant. But due to no matching liver, doctors had put Hayley on the waiting list for a liver transplant. Reports also stated that doctors found her a match twice, but liver transplants couldn’t take place because they were not in the right size.

Hayley’s family released an official statement regarding her sudden passing away. In their official statement they stated, that she was a wonderful person. She was a very joyful and happy-go-lucky person. Hayley was the mother of 18 years old girl. Hayley’s sister Liah Thompson stated that Hayley was not breathing they saw her. She stated that she got a call from her around 5 am and during the call she broke down. Liah further stated that she suffered from seizures when she collapsed and due to those seizures she passed away. Her family is devastated after her sudden passing. Although our team is trying to connect with them but currently we are unable to connect with them. We will update you as soon as we connect with Hayley’s family. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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