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Heide Keller Dies at 81 Find Out Cause Of Death How Did She Died


One of the notable stars of the film industry Heide Keller passed away lately. According to the latest reports, Killer wasn’t well for long and his health gets serious all of sudden and she died. She was 81 years at the time of her demise. The prominent reason for her demise is a long illness as she was too old. Keller is considered one of the finest actresses of all time. He gave a spectacular performance in numerous movies especially in “The Dream Ship” wherein she essayed the role of chief stewardess Beatrice.

Heide Keller death

Later she announced that she would get retired after 37 years. Well, she was a man with direct manners. She even called a spade a spade regarding Florian Silbereisen as the new captain. Later, Heide Keller learned about the new captain’s position in 2019 to Florian Silbereisen. She appreciated Florida after meeting him, she says that he has a huge fanbase, she found him a decent and adorable man, but after she also criticized the cast of ‘The Dream Ship’. She said “With this cast, you can only make the dream ship worse.

In the year 2020, it was reported that the actress had been suffering from health issues. She interacted with her fans through an interview with “Bunte” a german magazine. She accepted that she isn’t as healthy as she used to be. She added that she has a team of some great doctors that were looking after her and doing hard efforts for her betterment. She said that her disease is terrible and it is quite challenging to treat this. She didn’t reveal the name of the disease, but she made it clear that it isn’t cancer. She also shared that she has done with her will already. She said that she handwrote her will.

Besides, she was head hostess Beatrice and one of the vital faces of the ZDF series as Das Traumschiff one of the popular characters that played by the Kellar for 38 years. Apart from this, she is well known for criticizing the dream ship’s captain character.

Heide Keller was born on 15 October 1939 in Dusseldorf, she is a renowned German actress and screenwriter. She grew up in Düren and went to a commercial college. She was married to Thomas Hartner anther German actor. We hope for the strength of the family and friends in such hardship of life. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest worldwide updates.


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