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Henen Meimei Dies While Live Streaming Check Accident Recorded Video: Chines Influencer Wiki Bio


Henen Meimei, a popular Chinese social media influencer, has died in a tragic accident. The young influencer was reportedly on a solo trip To Tibet when this unfortunate incident took place. As per the reports surfacing around, Henen was live-streaming her travel journey while pulling a pink coloured trailer vehicle. The said vehicle became the cause of Meimei losing her life as she lost control of it and the trailer ran over her afterwards. The fans who were watching the said Livestream are in huge shock and are still finding it hard to believe that their favourite influencer is no more.

Henen Meimei death

The terrifying accident happened on August 21 when Henen Meimei was reportedly pulling her solar-powered pink trailer vehicle along highway number 109 and was displaying her followers the beautiful view around the Qinghai-Tibet plateau. Suddenly, Meimei lost control of the vehicle that resulted in the trailer running over her body. The area’s police stated that her body was found under the vehicle where she was declared dead. Since then, the pink trailer of the influencer has been going viral on social media. While it is also being speculated that Henen has left her hometown with her two dogs for her solo trip to Tibet.

Reportedly, she had left her home in May this year and was determined to travel to Tibet alone. However, she took her dogs along with her on her journey. Presently, the whereabouts of the said dogs are not known. Belonging to a small town in Xuchang, Henan Province China, the influencer was extremely popular on the Chinese platform Douyin and had almost 25k followers. Henen had stated that she believed in simple living and to follow her belief, she had planned her solo trip. Though, the 22-years-old influencer enjoyed more than three months of her trip and wasn’t aware of what destiny has been holding for her in-store.

On August 21, when the woman was streaming her travel video live while pulling the trailer, her followers heard her saying she is in trouble and before anyone can proceed with anything the screen went dark. However, the live stream of Henen has been taken down from the internet. The traffic police around the area had informed that the blogger’s lifeless video was recovered under the trailer that unfortunately took her life. Well, it’s not the first time when such kind of incident occurred while posting something on social media as recently a Turkish Tik Tok star Kubra Dogan had died aged 23 as she was shooting sunset and fell off the roof.


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