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Himachal Fire Update: Gruesome Fire Breaks Out In Two Huts, Kills Four Kids


There is shocking news coming forward related to the fire incident and this news is getting a lot of attention on the internet. This fierce fire broke out in the slum of the Gagret sub-division and this fire incident took place in the Una district of Himachal Pradesh. It is also coming out that four children died in this terrible incident. This incident occurred on Wednesday 8 February 2023 and it is said that this incident is one of the most terrible and dangerous incidents. In this article, we are going to share the complete details of this incident and also talk about some other information related to this incident.

Himachal Fire Update Gruesome Fire Breaks Out In Two Huts, Kills Four Kids

As per the news and reports, There are four children died in this fire incident and three of them are Bihar-based siblings who were living in a temporary shelter at the “Bane di Hatti” slum. Neetu Kumari was 14 years old girl, Bholu Kumar was 7 years old, Shivam was 6 years old and the three were belonging to the Behra District in Darbhanga, and Sonu Kumar was 17 years old from the Pauri Dakhram District District in Darbhanga sied in this terrible fire incident. The police and the fire brigade arrive at the incident scene in time to cool down the fire but after every possible try, they can’t save their lives.

Himachal Fire Latest News Update

This fierce fire broke out in the midnight hours at around 11:00 pm of Wednesday and around 12 am of Thursday 9 February 2023 and this fire broke out in the slum residence of Bihar-based Bhadeshwar Das and Ramesh Das. In this fire incident, four people die in which two were teenagers and two were children this statement was shared and announced by Ashish Pathaniya, Station House Officer (SHO). This spread with high speed therefore the children didn’t get time to escape from the incident scene. The dead bodies of the children were sent for the postmartum and the investigation is ongoing.

In this incident, three children belongs to a same family and one children Sonu was one child of his family who were died in this incident. Theis news is running on the top of the interent and various orher social media pages where now so many poeple sharing their condelences for their loss in this terrible incident. The exact and confirmed reason about why this fire incident is not revealed yet and we will update our article after getting any information related to this topic. Stay tuned with socialtelecast.com to get more articles.


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