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Hospital Playlist season 2, Episode 12 The Finale Ep Release Date Spoilers Alert


The quite enthusiastic K-Drama called Hospital Playlist Season2 episode 12 is looking forward to the fans who are impatiently waiting for the series. So your wait is going to be over because the makers have been liberated on the release date, which has set havoc among the fans. Because from the very beginning, the series is living up to the expectation of the supporters that no one would like to miss episode 12. Because it is being speculated that, episode 12 will be more bang and set your screen on fire so before all that, just check the release date, star cast, spoilers below.

hospital Playlist season 2 Episode 12

The Hospital Playlist season 2 episode 12 is releasing on 16th September 2021 at 03:30 (GMT) but it could be various as per the country. We are not anticipating any changes in the timings or schedule, but it has been seen in the K-Drama’s sometimes hence. When it comes to the spoilers so you will watch that Ik-Jun organizes a date for Song-Hwa and another side, Min-ha and Yang Seok-hyeong continue dating each other but it is being said that Seok-hyeong will say goodbye this time. At the same time, difficulties will increase more for Jae-hak and his better half, as similar twists are arriving through the coming episode.

As we have mentioned that it will be the final episode, so you can assume how would it be incredible because makers are enhancing the level of suspense, and drama. Because they know that the viewers would like to watch something overwhelming, ever since the last episode made everyone crazy. Makers have tightened their back to make episode 12 more amazing so that, now one can shift their eyes even a bit from the characters while streaming. The last episode was ended at the spot from where the curiosity of the viewers gone at its peak and hence, episode 12 is grabbing the attention.


So in the last episode, we became witnesses of such a fantabulous twist because Lee lK-jun was being assaulted by an anonymous and ended up in the hospital. At the same time, Song- hwa sits beside him to assure him that he is here for him. On another side, in (May 1999) Song-hwa calls Lee lk-Jun for a date, but he refused due to his blind date. After some days Lee lk-Jun recovers well and her sister can see the love angle between her and Song-hwa. So do not forget to stream it on Netflix and for further details connect with us.


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