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How to Host a Website for Free with GoogieHost


Are you a blogger or an entrepreneur running your e-commerce store online wanting to increase your virtual presence on the internet? Then grabbing hosting services for your website for free with Googiehost can be your redeeming way out.

Getting your website hosted is one of the most important keys to success in establishing an online presence on the internet to reach potential buyers or readers from all over the globe. Since hosting a website requires a high level of expertise, immense cost and a gamut of experience, it becomes a herculean task for any individual running a website and to host it at the same time.

To this, comes a Free Web Hosting Service Provider, Googiehost where you can get your website hosted with absolutely no cost to be incurred at all.

So, what is googiehost? what benefits can we reap by getting hosting services from googiehost? how can we get free hosting services with googiehost? and finally, how secure our website be if we get hosting services from googiehost are the questions that we’ll be providing comprehensive answers with to our honorable readers further in this article.

To quench the thirst of eagerness to know more about the free web hosting service provided by Googiehost, let’s get started with a small brief about Googiehost 👍

What is GoogieHost?

Before we go any further to know how we can host a website for free, let’s first see what Googiehost is.

GGOGIEHOST, founded in 2012, is an Indian Web Hosting Company that delivers free web hosting services with extensive features, incredible uptime of 99.95% along with 24/7 consistent customer care services in case of any issue to its potential clients. It offers free wordpress hosting, free student hosting, free domain name, and a lot more services at almost no charge to be paid by the customers.

Why host a website on GoogieHost?

Having a website can reap enormous benefits only when it is hosted by none other than googiehost, a web service provider that offers web service providing to store your web files and making your website available on the internet. It lets the clients focus more on matters like content or driving traffic thereby gaining profits.

What are the benefits of free hosting with GoogieHost?

Getting free web hosting services from Googiehost can let you reap a range of benefits. For new users, web hosting can prove beneficial only when they receive an ample amount of high quality service at a minimal or zero cost thereby letting them concentrate more on improving the content in the website and leaving the bigger task of website hosting with us.

Features Provided by GoogieHost
Lite speed Web Servers
NVMe SSD based Storage
99.95% guaranteed Uptime
Easy to use cPanel
Free Let’s encrypt SSL certificate
24/7 support services
No Forced Ads on your websites
Unlimited bandwidth

So we see the features provided by Googiehost to users taking free web hosting services are not only user friendly but also efficient enough to elevate the performance of the website thereby gaining trust of its clients.

It is this trust that makes Googiehost more motivated to bring exciting deals for users from all fields be it for students to host projects online, bloggers, graphic designers to help them showcase innovative content online.

Free services are worthy only if the interface to order and to configure the website is user friendly. So let’s see how easily the users can order services from Googiehost for free?

Steps to host a website for free with GoogieHost

To get your website hosted for free with Googiehost, you need to follow the given procedure as under:

●     Choose the free hosting plan

  • Choose the suitable free web hosting plan from among the services listed as you scroll down the Googiehost HomePage.

●     Add your domain name (optional).

  • On clicking one of the Web hosting Plans under the Our Services caption, you can register your domain name for free > type the domain name and press the Check option to add your own domain name.

●     Create a GoogieHost account.

  • Go to Googiehost homepage and click the client area option > click the create account option to register your account with Googiehost.

  • Enter your personal information > Billing Address > Additional Information > enter a password to secure your account > click the mailing checkbox to receive the latest deals and notifications from Googiehost to your email address > finally clicking the register option to register your account with Googiehost.

  • On registering your account you can move forward with the checkout out option to finally create your website and get it hosted for free.

●     Verify your email address.

After you login to your account, a verification email is sent to your email address. Click the URL sent to your email id to initiate the process Verification.

●     Set up your website.

On successfully logging in and verification of your account, Login in to your cPanel of your web hosting plan purchased from Googiehost for free and install the WordPress to customize your website and publish it to reach your viewers and potential buyers.

Is it safe to host a website for free with GoogieHost?

Users usually have doubts in using a web hosting service that is rendered for free. It is so because they believe the web hosting services to be of low quality and would result in low visitors in the website due to technical glitches if the services are for free.

It is a notion circulating around that free services come along with bad qualities.

Can we do business in the long term if we tamper with our customers’ assets like this? Absolutely no.

Googiehost provides incredible web hosting services with great uptime, incredible storage, unlimited bandwidth, consistent 24/7 customer care services and a user friendly interface for beginners. If you are a professional and want your website to be hosted by Googiehost, all of this can be rendered to you for absolutely no charge to be incurred once you sign up for a Googiehost account and start by registering free for a domain name of your new website.

Comparing Free and Paid Hosting Plans

The basic plans offered in Googiehost are for absolutely no charges. However, if a regular user of Googiehost requires a premium plan for greater performance of his website, then a small amount is paid to get access to the premium services.

A tabular comparison has been provided under to show the users the difference in Free services and the premium services offered by Googiehost.

Users having financial constraints, can make use of Googiehost’s free web hosting plans to create a website and reach multiple viewers online. The free services are meant for users to get a hank of basic services offered and when they feel the need to upgrade their website, they approach Googiehost to purchase Premium Plans to accelerate website performance.


In this article we comprehensively discussed the web hosting plans that are offered by Googiehost for free. We also explained the stepwise manner to order hosting services from googiehost. Free and Quality services offered makes Googiehost famous among the new bloggers and entrepreneurs.


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