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HouseOfZwide: Nandi Nyembe (Mazwide) Passes at 71 Away Check Cause Of Death


Here, we are reporting very shocking death news of South Africa’s legendary actress Nandi Nyembe. Yes, she has passed away at the age of 71. She was an extremely popular actress in South Africa and had appeared in several shows and films. Nandi was even considered the iconic performer of all time. Now, her sudden death news has shocked everyone. Her family, friends and all the fans who loved her and her work have been mourning her demise. Well, how did House of Zwide fame actress die and what was her cause of death is the main question now? Here’s what we know about it.

Nandi Nyembe Mazwide

Nandi Nyembe Cause Of Death

Going by the reports obtained from various sources, Nandi Nyembere died on September 21, 2021. However, what was her death cause has not come forward yet. Neither anyone from her family nor friends have made any statement about it. As this is a developing story, we will update you once we receive any information. Ever since the devastating news came to light, numerous fans of Nyembe have gone heartbroken. They have been taking to Twitter to share their sorrow on the sudden passing of the actress and how much they will miss her. Social media has flooded with condolence and RIP messages.

Talking about the legendary actress, she started her acting career in the early 90s. Unlike other actors who came and went like a wind, Nandi maintained her popularity and entertained the viewers till her last day. Though the South African actress has given plenty of hit shows and series, she received huge popularity from her new telenovela titled “House of Zwide”. Here, she portrayed the character of Mazwide that gained immense attention from the spectators. The character left such an effect on viewers that they gave her the name of Mama Zwide and she started getting recognised by the same.

In the show itself, Mazeide was shown getting killed by Faith. Plenty of users are posting tweets sharing their disbelief at the unfortunate death of one of the best actresses of South Africa. Besides her excellent work in the mentioned show, Nandi Nyembe worked in Reasonable Man, released in 1999, and Saturday Night at the Palace in 1987. Apart from this, she was also seen in Yesterday as a supporting actress. Some of her hit dramas include Zone 14 where she essayed the role of Nandi Sibiya till 2012 and Soul City. We sincerely pay homage to her pure soul!


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