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How Did Al Strobel Die? Cause Of Death, ‘Twin Peaks’ One Armed Actor Dead


We are saddened to report the sudden death of an actor. Al Strobel, an actor best remembered for playing Philip Gerard in the cult favorite drama Twin Peaks from the 1990s, has passed away at the age of 83. Sabrina Sutherland, an executive producer for Twin Peaks: The Return and a longtime collaborator with David Lynch, posted on Facebook on Saturday to share news of Strobel’s demise “Al Strobel died away last night, and I’m sorry to have to report this. I was quite fond of him.”

How Did Al Strobel Die Cause Of Death Twin Peaks One Armed Actor Dead

How Did Al Strobel Die? Cause Of Death

Every iteration of Twin Peaks included the actor, who lost his left arm in a car accident when he was 17 years old, as Gerard, a character who amputated his own arm to prevent an evil spirit from possessing him. The actor went on to appear in a couple of films including 1990’s Megaville where he was cast alongside Billy Zane and Ricochet River with Kate Hudson. By the early 2000s, he had entered retirement.

Who Was Al Strobel?

Seattle, Washington, is where Strobel was born. When Strobel was 17 years old, he was involved in an automobile accident that caused him to lose his left arm at the shoulder. He co-founded the Church of the Creative and performed in plays at the University of Oregon while residing in Oregon in the early 1970s. He recorded a video at the Grateful Dead concert on August 27, 1972, in Veneta, which was later used in the movie Sunshine Daydream.

He played parts in the movies Shadow Play, Megaville, and Ricochet River in addition to appearing in the Twin Peaks series and Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (starring Kate Hudson). Richard III, Oklahoma, and Romeo and Juliet were among the plays he appeared in. Screenshots of Sutherland’s Facebook post went viral shortly after the actor posted the tragic news, and both Twin Peaks cast members and fans sent their respects to the actor.

Co-creator of the series Mark Frost posted on Twitter, “Oh no…Dear Al,” paying respect to his close friend. “What a kind and great gentleman he was, as those of you who had the good fortune to meet him over the years can attest. R.I.P., buddy.” As they thought back on the significant part that Strobel played in the series, Twin Peaks fans were equally as saddened. An amazing performer who made a significant contribution to the Twin Peaks mystery, according to a post by Reddit user Slashycent in the show’s official subreddit. Stay tuned with Social Telecast.


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