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How Did Bolek Payan Die? Missing Michigan Physician Found Dead In Frozen Pond


The latest report has stated that Dr Bolek Payan, a well-known physician from Michigan, who went missing on the day before Christmas has been found dead. In today’s article we will tell you all about Dr Bolek Payan and how did he die. Stay tuned till the end to know all about him and this brutal incident.

How Did Bolek Payan Die Missing Michigan Physician Found Dead In Frozen Pond

How Did Bolek Payan Die?

Reports have stated that the search for doctor Bolek who went missing just days before Christmas has come to an end after his deceased body was found in the frigid waters. Reports further claimed that the divers discovered Dr Bolek Payan’s deceased body in a pond on his property in Leoni Township, Michigan on Tuesday. This information was confirmed by the authorities. Further reports stated that the Blackman Township Police successfully accessed Payan’s home security system, and after that, they got to know that the physician depart the house on foot the day he went missing.

Where Did Bolek Payan Find?

Officials later cut holes through the ice of the pond near Dr Payan’s residence after K-9 units, drones, and search parties failed to find him or any clue regarding him. Further reports have claimed that the divers discovered his deceased body behind a block of thick ice around 12:30 pm on Tuesday. According to the reports investigating officials are claiming that Dr Payan might have died due to the atrocious weather that day. They are claiming the brutally cold weather reason behind his brutal and unfortunate passing away.

Although the officials are investigating this case from every angle they haven’t found any strong clues in this case. Thus currently there is no official confirmation regarding any foul play being involved in this case. The news about Dr Payan’s unfortunate passing away has saddened all his family, friends and known ones. Reports have claimed that he was a very nice and polite person. He loved caring other and was a helpful person. Currently, there is not much information regarding him, although our research team is looking into this case and soon we will update you about it. We will update you with all the updates and developments in this case. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us. The


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