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How Did Charles Villiers Die? Camilla’s Distant Cousin Kills Himself after 8-Year Divorce Battle


Duchess of Cornwall’s Distant Cousin Charles Villiers has killed himself. According to the reports, Duchess of Cornwall’s distant Cousin Charles Villiers was going through a divorce battle with his ex-wife Emma Villiers. Charles Villier’s suicide has been very shattering and saddening for everyone.

Charles Villiers

Charles and Emma Villier’s divorce case has been one of the most popular, controversial, and longest-running divorce cases in the history of Britain. The couple Charles and Emma separated back in the year 2012, but the case grabbed headlines in the year 2014. Since the year 2014, the case has been one of the most controversial and talked about divorce cases in the whole of Britain. The main dispute between the couple was whether they should settle their divorce case in an English court or Scottish court. The divorce case battle lasted for around eight years. The case spread across five courts and 20 judges.

Reports have stated that once there was a time when a police investigation was also done against Emma due to the allegations of bigamy against her. Although the police investigators later dismissed these charges during her after their investigation. The reports have claimed that there was no evidence found against the charges of Bigamy on her. Earlier reports claimed that Charles Villiers went bankrupt all during this case and was living his life on a sofa after facing major financial losses. Reports have also claimed that Charles Villiers has been living on a yacht for some time. The Yacht on which Charles lived was not his it was his friend’s yacht. He lived on his friend’s yacht in the Greek islands earlier in August.

Charles was going through some major mental health issues and thus his friend arranged for him a ticket to fly back to the United Kingdom for getting some mental health help. Charles Villiers was 59 years old at the time he breathed his last. Charles Villiers was found dead in a room of the Durrants Hotel. His death was found by housekeeping staff. His dead body was found in the Durrants hotel in London on Thursday 18 August. Charles Argued that as he and his ex-wife Emma lived in Scotland, so they should solve their divorce case in a Scottish court, while Emma moved to England and she argued to continue the divorce system in English court with English law and order. Emma asked for a 3.5 million dollar financial settlement from her husband Charles, although the court stated that he is bankrupt thus Charles is no longer required to pay the settlement amount. The investigation of this case going and we are waiting for the reports from Police officials For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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