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How Did Chrissie Byrne Die? Chair and Organiser Of The Friends Of Walton Hall Park Dead


Chrissie Byrne passed away at the age of 51 years and his death news is circulating all over the internet where lots of people are in grief for her death. She was the heart and the soul of Walton Hall Park and she was most popular for giving a good effort of her energy to a campaigner. She was loved by too many people and now after her death, lots of people express their condolences for his death. Lets us discuss some more information related to his death and also talk about the cause of her death.

How Did Chrissie Byrne Die Chair and Organiser Of The Friends Of Walton Hall Park Dead

How Did Chrissie Byrne Die?

She died on Monday 2 January 2023 and his death news was confirmed by the post of Helen Ball. The cause of his death was not disclosed yet and more information about her sudden death is still unknown. There are various rumors are available on social media pages but no announcement is made by his family and friends related to the cause of his death. She passed away at the age of 51 years and no information about any disease to her. We will update our article after getting any information from the sources related to the cause of his death and mention it.

Who Was Chrissie Byrne?

She was the chair and organizer of the Liverpool park friends forum. She was also the most popular woman around the city for her passionate defense of green spaces and Liverpool Park. Liverpool parks and green spaces have friends organizations that worked together to help in the run by making us all stronger and working with all efforts.

They work with Liverpool city council to make a change in the park for the whole community and other visitors that results in the improvement of the park. She made a community hub there and fight to save Walton Hall Park.

There are lots of people who are sharing their love and thoughts with their family at the painful moment on social media pages by commenting and posting. She shared a message with the friends of Walton hall park stating that she began the group in 2014 when she could see the park was falling and she wanted to make some changes to her childhood park and discuss many more in that message. Her death news was full of sorrow for her family, friends, and loved ones. Liverpool Council’s Liverpool Parks group and Mayor Joanne Anderson tributed to her death and lots of people also tributing her.


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