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How Did Chuck Close Died? Find Out Couse Of Death, Dies At 81


The American painter Chuck Close has sadly passed away on August 19, 2021. The confirmation of the death news came from Chuck’s lawyer, John Silberman. He mentioned that the 81-years-old died at a hospital in Oceanside, New York on Thursday. After the confirmation, Adriana Elgarresta shared the cause of death that took the painter’s life all of a sudden. The Director of Public Relations at Pace Gallery informed that Chuck Close’s death reason was Congestive heart failure. Pace Gallery even shared a post on their Instagram handle and along with a lengthy caption.

Chuck Close

In the said caption, they announced Chuck Close’s unfortunate death reason and mentioned that he was suffering from a long term illness that resulted in congestive heart failure. CHF is a condition that adversely affects the pumping power of the heart and as a result, it results in death. The caption also included Pace Gallery’s chairman statement where he shared his sadness over his dearest friend and greatest artist. The chairman also stated that Chuck’s contribution to 20th-21st century art will always be unavoidable and announced the artist’s saddening death news to everyone.

Chuck Close was known for his modern artistry and portraits. Unfortunately, the popular artist suffered from face blindness which is a disorder related to the brain. It makes the people incapable to identify and recognize the faces. Chuck had always mentioned that his disorder was the main reason he could include complex details in his portraits. Besides, he was also diagnosed with nephritis in his childhood which is a kidney infection that prevented him from attending middle school for almost a year. It was also reported that Close had dyslexia which was not diagnosed while he suffered a neuromuscular condition. The artist of Outsized reality had landed on a wheelchair after being diagnosed with a critical blood clot in his spinal cord.

However, the artist didn’t give up as he continued to create masterpieces with the help of a special brush-holding device. Born on July 5th, 1940 to Mildred and Leslie, Chuck’s father died when Chuck was just 11-years-old. Though his mother always supported him with his passion. Later, he graduated in Art in 1962 from the University of Washington School of Art. From Yale University, he completed his master’s degree in fine arts. The unfortunate death of Chuck Close has shocked everyone as they have been sharing condolence RIP messages and saying that the artist will forever remain in their hearts.


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