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How Did Cyrus Buck Die? 9-Year-Old Kid Died After Drowning In Waikerie Pool


Cyrus Buck a small child died by drowning in the swimming pool on Sunday. He was a 9-year-old boy who slipped into the pool and get died and all this sad incident happened on Sunday in South Australia’s Riverland region. This is the saddest news for their family and friends he was just only 9 years old a cute boy after the news of his death his family and people who love him have tributes and condolences for him. There are too many questions arriving related to his death and various people are wanting the cause of his death, So let’s discuss in brief how he went there and what is the reason for his death.

How Did Cyrus Buck Die 9 Year Old Kid Died After Drowning In Waikerie Pool


How Did Cyrus Buck Die?

According to reports, There are too many attempts tried by lifeguards to save Cyrus Buck who fall down in the Community pool. He was fallen and drowned at around 3:30 pm being underwater and unable to breathe in South Australia’s Riverland region’s most popular pool named Waikerie Pool when he was enjoying swimming and playing with his friends.

The company states that a fully perfect and trained lifeguard jumped into the pool after he fell into the pool and took out the unsensible boy from the water and gives various types of immediate first aid to him but they can’t make him live. Cyrus hurried and scurried to Cyrus to Waikerie Hospital but he has already died.

9-Year-Old Kid Died After Drowning In Waikerie Pool

The investigation is continuing and police are still investigating the confirmed reason for this death because nothing can be said before the complete investigation. It was notified of the fatality on Sunday at around 5:15 pm and there was no superior proof near the place where this incident happened all this was said by the Safe Work SA. The Waikerie Community Pool is now closed after this very sad incident said in a post on their Facebook Page. We will update our article after getting any news related to his death.

There are too many people sharing their love for him and sending condolences from various posts, and comments on social media to express their love toward his family. There are too many cases coming forward related to the death of children which can be murder or can be accident happen to them. This news broke his family and too many people because his death was born a painful death and it was hard for him. The news of this occurrence has made sad to people.



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