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How Did Gerd Müller Died? Check Cause of Death Dies At The Age Of 75


The legendary German footballer Gerd Müller has shockingly passed away leaving the football world and his loved ones behind in sorrow. Undoubtedly, the 75-years-old was one of the greatest strikers of all time. His sudden death has come as a shock for his family and friends. The confirmation of Müller’s death was given by Herbert Hainer, Bayern President who stated that it’s a black day for FC Bayern and that everyone is devastated by the news. They sadly mentioned that the FC Bayern won’t be the same after his demise and that Gerd was not just a brilliant striker but a great personality also.

Gerd Müller

According to Bundesliga Club, the soccer player died on Sunday, August 15, 2021, at the age of 75. The death news has left the fans heartbroken and they have been paying the prolific striker a heartful tribute and have been sending condolences messages to the family and friends on losing certainly one of the best strikers in history who will be forever remembered for his immense contribution in Football. However, what was the cause of the sudden demise is still not revealed yet.

Earlier in 2005, Bayern had informed that Müller was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease which is a neurologic disorder that causes the brain cells to die. Though if the mentioned disease was the death reason or not has not been confirmed yet. Paying the legendary player tribute, Chief Executive Officer of Bayern, Oliver Kahn, stated that he has gotten shocked after learning about the legend’s death and added that his achievements will always be remembered and will be a part of the history of FC Bayern.

The officer concluded by saying Gerd will always remain in everyone’s hearts. Better known by Gerd Müller, his real name was Gerhard Müller who married to Uschi Ebenbock in 1967. Gerd’s wife had revealed the dementia of the German’s footballer and had stated that he had difficulty in eating and that he had lie on the bed the whole day and that his health is deteriorating. Gerd was even getting treatment for a long time in Bavaria.

Muller had created history by scoring 68 goals in his 62 appearances where he played for West Germany while his winning goal had helped the team to win the World Cup against the Netherlands in 1974. In a total of 594 competitions, Gerd had scored impressive 547 goals. Social Telecast pays homage to the greatest goalscorers in the history of Football. RIP Gerd Müller!


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