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How Did Hailey Thompson Die? Cause Of Death, Toddler Found Dead At Home, Explained!


Today we are going to share sad news related to the death of Hailey Thompson who died after a few hours of coming back to his home sent by the doctors with Calpol. She was diagnosed with the virus on 18 December but his family has been advised to feed her acetaminophen and fluids where she needs antibiotics. Parents of a 22-month-old girl share how they found her dead after a few hours after discharge from the hospital. There are lots of people who share grief for his death and they want to know the cause of his death, So here we will discuss in detail what happened to her and the cause of her death in this article.

How Did Hailey Thompson Die Cause Of Death Toddler Found Dead At Home

How Did Hailey Thompson Die? Cause Of Death

As per the sources and reports that she had a virus but her family has been told to give her fluids and paracetamol instead of antibiotics then her parents found her unconscious in the early morning of the next day. She was transferred to Wigan Infirmary before a pracademic took over. She passed away thereafter the best efforts of the doctors. On 7 December¬† She was taken to the doctor for treatment of her cough and runny nose who advised antibiotics which she stopped for her allergic reaction. Then she was taken to another doctor’s appointment after a week where her family knows that she had a viral infection and that Calpol would be more useful rather than antibiotics.

Toddler Found Dead After Being Sent To Home From Hospital

Her Father Iboyla Adam is 35 years old and her mother is 32 years old woman named Kris Thompson found their daughter in an unconscious condition in the early morning in their bedroom. A new investigation is now been opened after reported that Hailey’s case was not given enough attention but now this case getting lots of attention. She went to her bed at her regular time of 6:30 pm and she was in good health condition then when her mother went to check on her at 11 pm and she was discovered in a panting condition.

Her mother states that she was under the control of something in her body and this all was done immediately. She was lying in the same position in which I had seen her on the last night in bed when she was founded at 5:30 pm on Monday. There are lots of people who share their love for his death and express grief for his death. For reading more articles related to the latest news then stay connected to our website.


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