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How Did Hans Russell Die? Jackson River-Runner With Botulism Dies In Hospital


After a nine-week struggle with botulism, Hans Russell, a 56-year-old outdoor enthusiast, passed away on Wednesday in a Salt Lake City hospital. Russell made the decision to end his life once he realized that his condition hadn’t improved and “probably wasn’t going to change,” according to Russell’s mother, Joanna Jennings. Russell passed away on Wednesday at the University of Utah Medical Center at about 3:30 p.m. Jennings expressed her appreciation to the medical professionals who assisted Russell after he developed food-borne botulism following a solo camping trip he had in City of Rocks, Idaho, on September 26.

How Did Hans Russell Die Jackson River Runner With Botulism Dies

How Did Hans Russell Die?

The source of the botulinum toxin, according to Jennings, is still unknown. Although Jennings stated that doctors believe Russell’s botulinum toxin contamination could have resulted from any food product Russell purchased, they are all left with more questions than answers. The leading theory among Russell’s doctors was that he had consumed a store-bought can of soup that had not been properly refrigerated.

A rare but dangerous bacterial illness called botulism A targets the body’s nerves and can sometimes result in death by paralyzing muscles and making breathing difficult. Russell was entrapped in his body by botulism. He was paralyzed, unable to speak except through hand squeezes, and unable to breathe without a ventilator, while being aware and pain-free. It is reported that he worked for more than 10 years in Jackson.

Who Was Hans Russell?

He has been a bus driver with Lewis & Clark River Expeditions for the previous six years. He is known as a “famous kayaker” who enjoyed recreation at all times and ran numerous challenging whitewater sections in Wyoming and Idaho.

He also enjoyed paragliding, playing the guitar, reading, and rock climbing in addition to kayaking. Russell leaves his father, Robert, mother, Joanna, and older brother, Eric, behind. Jennings stated that she intends to spread a chunk of Russell’s cremains in a special location. Russell was cremated.

Talking about his hobbies, it included playing guitar, paragliding, rock climbing, and reading. He has left his mother, Joanna, father, Robert, and older brother Eric. It is reported that Russell has been cremated and Jennings said she plans to spread a piece of him in a meaningful place. It is no doubt to say that his death has saddened everyone. Social Telecast also pays heartfelt tributes to him.


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