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How Did John Motson Die? UK Football Commentator Cause of Death? Dies At 77


It is very sad to share that John Motson passed away at the age of 77 years old and his death news is circulating on various social media pages and the internet. He was an English football commenter. There are so many users of social media and his loved ones expressing their condolences for his loss to his family. He worked as a British football commenter over many decades and gained a lot of popularity around the world. Let us know what happened to him, the cause of his death, and some more information related to his death in this article.

John Motson

According to the sources, He died on Thursday 24 February 2023 and his death news was shared and announced by his family. He took his last breath at his home in Little Brickhill, Buckinghamshire and he was survived by his wife named Anne the couple has a son named Frederick who was born in 1986. He was 77 years old at the time of his death and the cause of his death is not been announced publicly and has not been disclosed yet. There are many rumors flowing on the internet related to his death cause but nothing has been announced about his exact death caused by his family and loved ones.

John Motson Cause of Death?

His complete name was John Walker Motson and he was born on 10 July 1945 in Salford, Lancashire, England. He was also called Motty by his beloved ones and he was loved ones of his family, friends, and colleagues. He finished his education at the Culford Schools which is situated on Bury St. Edmunds and later begin his career as a football commentator. The worked for over five decades as a British commenter and entertain the audiences at the stadium and the people. There is not much information available related to his personal life and we will update our article after getting any news related to him.

Social media is flooded with tributes for his death and there are many social media celebrities who also comforted their respect for his loss. There is no information shared publicly about his funeral or obituary events. There are too many people who share their condolences and various relief messages with his family at this painful moment of his death. We will mention the other information and update our article after receiving any news and information related to his death cause. Stay tuned with socialtelecast.com to get more articles on the latest and other news topics.


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