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How Did Lillian Frank Die? Check Melbourne Socialite and Philanthropist Cause of Death


Lillian Frank, Melbourne socialite and philanthropist, sadly died at 92. The saddening news was announced by Frank’s daughter, Jackie Frank, on social media. She said that her family had lost its “heart and soul”. She added that Lillian lived life to the max, without any regrets, and was forever grateful. According to the socialite’s family, she took her last breath on Friday night, August 12, 2022. After the announcement of the news, netizens started paying her tribute on several platforms. Tributes and condolence messages have flooded the internet as people who knew her are mourning her death.

Lillian Frank

Talking about her, Jackie Frank added that she used her flamboyant personality and social standing for good, raising millions and millions for charity. She further said that she had a very public life and she was often asked what is it like growing up with Lillian Frank as her mother to which she answered, to them she was mother, to her children, Nani, and definitely the most spectacular selfless human being in the world with the biggest heart. Although the family did not reveal her cause of death, it is assumed that she died of old age-related complications.

Who Was Lillian Frank?

Lillian Frank was born in Myanmar. In the 1950s, Lillian Frank moved to Melbourne and opened a hair salon in Toorak. She also became quite involved in the social life of the city. When the English model famously donned a white mini-dress to the Melbourne races in 1965, she was Jean Shrimpton’s hairstylist.¬†When the model defied expectations and wore a minidress to the Melbourne Spring Carnival in the 1960s, Lillian Frank arranged her hair. For numerous years, Ms. Frank remained a judge for the fashion competitions during the Melbourne racing season.

Paying tribute to the Melbourne socialite, the Victoria Racing Club (VRC), highlighted her impact on the fashion of the Melbourne Cup. She even served as a longtime judge of Myer Fashions on the Field. Neil Wilson, VRC Chairman said that Lillian left an indelible mark on the Melbourne Cup Carnival which she attended nearly every year for 50 years. The chairman added that her impeccable sense of style and vibrant personality helped elevate the VRC’s Fashions on the Field competition to one of the most popular and prestigious outdoor fashion events in Australia, if not the world. Our team also pays her sincere tributes and extends our deepest condolences to her family. Follow us for more updates.


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