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How Did Madame Sylvia Wu Die? What Happened With Restaurateur To The Stars? Dies At 106


According to reports, Madame Sylvia Wu has died. Her family confirmed the saddening piece of news on social media. It was said that she died on September 26, 2022, at the age of 106. The news has surfaced all over the internet and has caused immense pain and sorrow to the people who admired her personality and work. Social media has gotten flooded with tributary posts and messages as everyone is coming forward and expressing their sadness about her sudden demise. Here, check who was she and what happened to her.

Madame Sylvia Wu

Wu’s later life was marked by cookbooks, media appearances, and charitable efforts, particularly at the City of Hope cancer clinic. One of the first in Southern California to provide a styled cuisine other than Chop Suey was her restaurant (although she did cater to conventional tastes as well). She was a regular at her place of business, even taking takeout orders over the phone while managing the space. Over the years, Princess Grace, Mia Farrow, Mae West, Paul Newman, and many others have dined at Madame Wu’s.

In 1998, she shut down the original Wilshire Boulevard eatery and subsequently built Madame Wu’s Asian Bistro & Sushi in the recently constructed Grove. Despite the failure of that endeavor, Madame Wu was still a good friend to her longtime customers.¬†She also mentioned at the time wanted to spend more time with her grandchildren, but she quickly left retirement.

Soon after, the restaurateur launched Madame Wu’s Asian Bistro & Sushi in the then-new Grove, but it didn’t endure as long as the first one, even though people still liked her. George and Patrick, Wu’s two sons, and a sizable number of grandchildren remain. 2011 saw her husband’s passing. The Times reported that Wu used a letter to her church’s members and a request to one of her pals, a studio executive, to spread the word to attract customers to her new eatery. It worked out.

Celebrities including Cary Grant, Mae West, Frank Sinatra, Mia Farrow, Elizabeth Taylor, Johnny Carson, Carol Burnett, Walter Matthau, Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Tom Cruise, and Steven Spielberg were among the famous people that frequented Wu’s restaurant. It is no doubt to say that Madame’s death has affected a lot of people. She has been one of the most loved Restaurateurs whose sudden passing has caused many people grief. Our site, Social Telecast, also comes forward and pays the lady heartfelt tributes and condolences.


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