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How Did Márcio Freire Die? ‘Mad Dogs’ Legendary Surfer Killed in Portugal’s Giant Waves Video Footage


We are going to share with our grieving that Márcio Freire passed away in Nazare off the coast of Portugal. He was 47 years old at the time of his death and he was also most popular as the surfing legend Brazilian. On Thursday his death is coming out and his death is circulating over the internet where so many people express their sadness for his death. There are so many people who share their condolences for his death. Here in this article, we share all information about him and the cause of his death so read it completely.

Márcio Freire Cause of Death

As per the exclusive reports and information of the local maritime authority, his death happened when he was practicing tow-in surfing on the giant waves in Nazare on the central coast of Portugal where surfers use artificial assistance. He was fallen when he was catching the faster-moving waves than they would be able to if they were paddling by hand. In a statement from National Maritime Authority, He was discovered by the rescuers in cardiac respiratory arrest and taken back to the beach. He was unable to be revived and was confirmed dead at the spot.

He was included as one of the three Brazilian surfers and he became a Mad Dogs after attempting a victory on the giant Jaws waves in Hawaii in 2016 where he was also mentioned in the 2016 documentary Mad Dogs. He also went to the US state to surf on the biggest and most dangerous waves. He gained so much attention after making a world record for the biggest wave ever surfed by the German surfer Sebastian Steudtner in October 2020. He traveled to surf on the heavy waves around the world and was also seen as a big-waves pioneer in the surfing community.

After his death, social media is flooded with tributes and so many people share their sadness about his death. There are also various accidents that have done but this time his death is a painful time for his loved ones. He will be always remembered as a great surfer among the other surfers and his absences will also hurt. There are lots of people who share so many relieving thoughts with their family at this sad moment by posting and commenting on social media pages. For reading more articles related to other news topics and the latest news of the entire news then stay connected to our website.


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