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How did Michael “Micky” Hourihan die? Leeds AFC chairman cause of death Explained


It is very sad to share that Michael “Micky” Hourihan passed away on Saturday 31 December 2022. He was also most popular as the chairman of the football team and his death news is confirmed by his team, Leeds AFC. His family is giving grief his death and is very sad to share. This news is circulating over the internet and lots of social media users share their responses to his death. There are lots of people who are tributing him for his death and here we are going to share some information related to his death and discuss the cause of his death in this article so read.

As per the sources, He was the important person in the club from the beginning and has always supported the club in various ways. He died peacefully and he was suffering from cancer for a long period. Cancer is the cause of his death and he died after a long fight with cancer. There is not much information coming forward related to the cause of his death but we will update our article after getting any information related to the cause of his death and mention it in our article.

He was survived by his all grandchildren and his complete family such as Norma, Fiona, Declan, Ronan, and Kieran. if we talk about his football team that this club is full of more than 400 members and the  Leeds AFC Cork is a football team located in Ballyvolane on the outside of Cork City, Ireland. The club was incomplete without him and they will always feel their absence. He continues to help and supports the club even in his sickness which resulted in the popularity of the club. He was the chairman of the club and the club Leeds AFC mourns his death. He was a wonderful person and he was a legend in Leeds but also across Cork Football.

Social media is full of too many tributes for him and there are lots of people sharing theirs for him. Leeds AFC shows its sadness for his death and shared a heartfelt tribute to its chairman. Various people express their condolences and share thoughts with their families in these sorrowful moments through the medium of posting and commenting on social media pages. Stay connected to read more articles related to the latest news and other news topics of the entire world.


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