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How Did Online Gambling Recently Get So Popular in India?


India is the second most populated country in the world. The sheer number of potential customers is enough for gambling websites to drool for money! At first, Indians were reluctant to use Online Gambling or any betting website. But slowly, things started to change; during research, experts found that this change in attitude resulted from a cricket betting app named Dream 11. This app offers sports betting option to the massive fanbase of cricket in India. Today, this article will look at the core reasons why Online Gambling recently got so popular in India. So without wasting any time, let us get down to the main point.

Online Gambling

Gambling in India

It is not like India is new to Gambling for anything. The concept of Gambling is in the bones of the country. For thousands of years, India is exposed to the gambling world. It is just that recently Indians have shown interest in Online Gambling. Before Online Gambling came to India, there were still many illegal gambling institutions running in the country. Indians were still enjoying illegal Gambling throughout the country. There is even a lottery system in India. But with the introduction of Online Gambling, everything changed. Indians realised that they could win big and legally, so they started turning towards Online Gambling. Now everyone in India is looking for some excellent deals in the most popular online casinos. But this is not the only reason why Indians love Online Gambling. In the next section of this article, we will discuss why Online Gambling is so prevalent in India.

Reasons why Online Gambinhg got so popular in India.

1. Convenience

Convenience is the most crucial factor for an India. If something is convenient to do, then they like it instantly. And as we all know, Online Gambling is the world’s most convenient way to gamble. All you need is a device to access the internet. It might surprise you, but India is a leading country in technology and is the world’s number one smartphone market. So Indians have access to smartphones and have excellent knowledge of IT. That makes them perfect for Online Gambling. A little push from the Online Gambling websites, such as an attractive welcome bonus, is all they need to start Gambling. And that is what happened in India. By having access to the services of an Online Gambling website now, they can gamble safely and legally. There is no need to hind from the cops to enjoying the Gambling games.

2. Attractive Bonuses

The word free is something that Indians love to hear. If an Indian hears the word free, he might forget the losses for a second and get attracted. That is why the attractive bonuses provided by the Online casinos are something that an Indian player cannot say no to. As mentioned earlier that Indians are always searching for the best online casinos with the best bonuses and free stuff. That is why casinos are popular in India. So the casino that offers a welcome bonus, free spins, free bets, VIP rewards, etc. they look forward to it.

3. Mountain of games to choose from

Another critical element that has created such immense popularity of Online Gambling and the likability of online casinos in India is the variety of options they get. As noticed, most online casino websites in India offers a mountain of games. So they let Indians swim through the endless sea of games they can play. And surprisingly, this works, and Indians love it!

4. Maby Payment Methods

Unlike other countries, Indians have a different payment system known as UPI(Unified Payments Interface). And the Online Casinos currently operating in India understand very well that if they want to survive in India, they need to evolve. So they started accepting payments from Indians using the UPI system, the world’s fastest way of payment. Besides this, the Online Gambling websites also allow many other payment options, which is excellent for those who do not use UPI.

5. Constant Growth

India has witnessed rapid online casinos and gambling industry growth in recent years. As a result, online casinos in India rapidly increase their security, bonuses, or games for Indians. In addition, they provide an engaging platform by developing new and creative casino games, designs, and themes. That makes the Indian online casino website experience one-of-a-kind in the world.


We hope to have given you a better idea of how and why Online Gambling has become so popular recently in India. Besides this, we are confident that when you finish reading this article, you will have a solid knowledge of the gambling industry in India and its potential.


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