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How Did Peteru Die? Cause Of Death, Ibadan-Based Comedian Dead


There is news flowing on the trends of social media and today we are going to talk about that news related to Oluwatobi Owaomoyela is mostly known as Peteru Comedy. He passed away on Wednesday, 21 December and he was most popular as the skit maker for his Yoruba take on Big Brother Naija. He was a rising Nigerian comedian getting too much attention from the people for his comedy and now this news raised too many questions about his death, So here in this article, we are going to discuss in detail the cause of his death and what happened to him.

How Did Peteru Die Cause Of Death Ibadan Based Comedian Dead

How Did Peteru Die?

As per the exclusive reports and sources, there is not much information is coming out related to his death. His family members and loved ones didn’t make any announcement related to the cause of his death publically. There are too many rumors spreading on the internet related to the cause of his death but nothing can be said before any clear and confirmed news and announcements are made by his family. We will update our article after any news related to his death and mention the information in our article.

Who Was  Oluwatobi Owomoyela aka Peteru?

He was the fastest-growing comedian star until his death and he got too many responses for his comedy skill. He made his name in the southwest of Nigeria, having worked with the other foremost entertainers in the industry and he was an MC as well as an On-Air Personality in Ibadan for his talent. He was getting too much attention from the people and he also contains a large number of fan followers around the world who share their love for him on their social media pages.

There are too many people who share their sadness for his death there are various celebrities who are also included in his fan follower. Lots of people are still commenting on social media pages and the users of social media continue asking about the cause of his death. There are too many who are also coming forward related to the death of people due to some diseases and their long old age but in his death, there is no information revealed by his family and loved ones. For reading more articles related to the latest news and other topics of the entire world then stay tuned with our websites.


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