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How Did Simon Yaxley Die? BBC Radio Cumbria Presenter Dead Explained!


Today we are going to share some information related to the death of a producer and presenter for BBC Radio Cumbria named Simon Yaxley. He was mostly known as “radio through and through and is now passed away. He was founded dead at his home in Carlisle Yesterday afternoon. There are too many people who like his Performance in Pantomimes in Cumbria. His death news is confirmed by the spokesperson of BBC. His sudden death raised too many questions for the loving one and here we will discuss some information about him and what is the cause of his death so continue with us in this article.

How Did Simon Yaxley Die BBC Radio Cumbria Presenter Dead

How Did Simon Yaxley Die?

His sudden death didn’t give any information about the cause of his death and there is no information is disclosed about the cause of his death yet. There are lots of rumors flowing on the internet but there is not any clear and confirmed announcement made by any one of his members and his loved ones. We will update our article after getting any information related to his death and share it in our article.

Who Was Simon Yaxley?

He was most famous at BBC Cumbria and before he was one of the best presenters on Lakeland Radio. He was greatly recognized in various pantomimes among dramatic organizations in Cumbria for his best performance which is most liked by the people. Yakkers came to Cumbria from Clacton-on-Sea in Essex and performed Lakeland Radio’s morning show until it was bought by the CN group in 2017 then he went to Radio Cumbria to perform a new show which is most liked by the people and he gained too much love attention by the people due to his unique voice.

He was an amazing comic actor who played with a soft mind and comic timing by including physical humor in every role. In the times of spring, he has performed his most recent stage appearance at the Green Room and played the helpless Roger Fuller in One For The Road which is too much liked by the people. There are lots of people and colleagues who shared tributes on social media pages and still too many people giving tributes to him. This is a very difficult moment for his family but our support and thoughts are with his family members. For reading more articles related to the latest news and know some other topics then stay connected with our websites.


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