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How Did Stella Stephens Glover Die? Makeup Specialist Stella Stephens Glover Dies


Stella Stephens Glover was most popular as a Makeup Specialist and now she passed away. Her death news is running on various pages of social media and lots of people express their sadness about her death news. She died peacefully among her family and loved ones at her side at around 5:32 pm on Wednesday and her death is a shocking moment for her family. Let us discuss the cause of her death and also talk about other information related to her death in this article so read continuously.

How Did Stella Stephens Glover Die

As per the information, Her death was publically announced by her mother and her mother confirmed her death news through the medium of Facebook page. She passed away on Wednesday 11 January 2023 and her family was with her at the time of her death. She took her last breath by surrounding herself with her family. She was suffering from a heart attack and she suffered a heart attack in May 2020. She was immediately transferred to UAB when she was 34 years old and refused to submit. Only for vocal cord surgery, she used a ventilator for a long time and underwent so many other treatments. Her death cause is not disclosed yet and her death news is not confirmed.

How Did Stella Stephens Glover Die?

In early 2020, she was diagnosed with COVID and she became in a good condition from COVID disease. Her husband, Greg, and her four children named  Kimberly, Amberly, Cody, and Candace prayed for her good health. In 2021, She knows news that she needs to heart transplant for her upcoming life and the search for a donor was followed by an emotional rollercoaster. She was getting treatment at Nashville’s Vanderbilt University Hospital where her health was going in good condition just a few weeks ago. She was finishing the necessary paperwork to get her new heart. Nine days ago, after completing the all-clear to spend the holidays at home and she was admitted to the UAB Hospital.

She was active on various platforms of social media and so many people are coming in as her loved ones and sharing their condolences for her death with her family. There are so many people expressing their sorrows for her death and giving tributes to her. Her family, friends, and colleagues mourn her death and they said she will always be remembered as a good person. A memorial service for her will be going done at the Sumiton Civic Center on Saturday 14 January 2023 at noon.


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